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Arctic Intelligence | AML insights that help set global standards in compliance

AML Insights that help set the global benchmark in compliance

Arctic Intelligence have produced their 2022 insights survey to gather data from financial crime risk and compliance professionals across the globe. The focus is to understand how organisations conduct their...
Arctic Intelligence | De-risking and FinTechs

It’s all just a little bit of history repeating itself: How Business Risk Assessments Could Help to Reduce the De-Risking of the Crypto Currency Sector

Introduction In 2021, a Select Committee was set up in Australia to receive evidence on the country’s role as a technology and financial centre. Several different topics were canvassed, for...
Arctic Intelligence | Cryptocurrency and Business Wide Risk Assessments

4 Good Reasons Why Crypto Businesses Should Complete an AML/CFT Business Risk Assessment

Introduction If you work for a cryptocurrency business (“business”), chances are you’re in the process of becoming or have recently been authorised by a financial services regulator. If you’re fortunate...
Arctic Intelligence | International Compliance Association Partnership Announcement

Australian RegTech of the Year winner, Arctic Intelligence forges global expansion with ICA partnership

ANNOUNCEMENT : Arctic Intelligence continues its growth trajectory by ending the last quarter of 2021 securing a strategic partnership with the International Compliance Association (ICA) headquartered in the United Kingdom....
Arctic Intelligence | Understanding the Financial Crime Risk Across Your Group of Businesses

Understanding the Financial Crime Risk Across Your Group of Businesses

“One of These Things is Not Like the Others…?” Introduction In May 2021, the European Banking Authority (“EBA”) announced that it was consulting on draft guidelines (“Guidelines”) about compliance management...
Arctic Intelligence |

Times They are A-Changing – and So Should Your Business Risk Assessment

Introduction – The Dear CEO Letter In May 2021, the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) issued a “Dear CEO” letter to the retail banking sector.  For those not familiar with...
Arctic Intelligence | EU/UK Update

EU Update – July 2021

Business Wide Risk Assessments are a hot subject We recently wrote about the Dear CEO letter sent by the FCA to Retail banks naming the Business Wide Risk Assessment (BWRA)...
Arctic Intelligence |

News in Brief – July 2021

Americas The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is cracking down on crypto-asset tax evasion with virtual currencies and non-fungible tokens. Although designed to be invisible, this scrutiny also aims to identify...
Arctic Intelligence | Customer Insights July 2021

Customer Insights – July 2021

July was full of updates, with the Risk Assessment Platform updated to v1.10, recent regulatory updates from DIA incorporated into the AML Accelerate AML Policy template and CDD Standards template,...
Arctic Intelligence | Financial Crime News

News in Brief – June 2021

AMERICAS Stephen Calk, founder and former CEO of The Federal Savings Bank, is being prosecuted in New York for bribery. He is accused of approving multi-million dollar loans to fund...
Arctic Intelligence | EU Update - April 2021

EU Update – June 2021

The FCA recently sent a strong worded Dear CEO letter in relation to Financial Crime The letter covers several areas where the FCA are continuing to see firms failing to...
Arctic Intelligence | Customer Insights June 2021

Customer Insights – June 2021

This month we updated the AML Accelerate Australian AML Program/Policy template to incorporate recent reforms to the AML/CTF Act, meanwhile, the Risk Assessment platform introduces a new Fraud risk model....
Arctic Intelligence | FCA send warning to those with financial crime compliance failings

Dear CEO… FCA address repeat compliance failings

The FCA recently sent a strong worded Dear CEO letter in relation to Financial Crime. The letter covers several areas where the FCA are continuing to see firms failing to...
Arctic Intelligence | What we're hearing - May 2021

What we are hearing – May 2021

It’s been another big month of financial crime news… In Europe, the largest mafia trial in 30 years is under way with 350 defendants including politicians and public officials.  The...
Arctic Intelligence | Customer Insights - May 2021

Customer Insights – May 2021

Enterprise-wide risk assessment solution Risk Assessment v1.9 is now live with exciting new features and quality of life improvements to the platform. Thanks to our wonderful community of users who...
Arctic Intelligence | News in Brief - May 2021

News in Brief – May 2021

AFRICA Ghana expected to be removed from the EU money laundering watch list following a meeting with the President of the European Council, His Excellency, Charles Michel and President Nana...
Arctic Intelligence | AML Benchmark Report 2021

Arctic Intelligence provide financial crime professionals an AML Benchmark Report

Arctic Intelligence found that 1 in 4 risk & compliance professionals believe rolling out and managing the enterprise risk assessment process across their teams is challenging – risky! PRESS RELEASE:...
Arctic Intelligence | News in Brief - April 2021

News in Brief – April 2021

AFRICA 66-year old 'Hotel Rwanda' hero, Paul Rusesabagina has been detained in his home country and is facing a slew of terrorism-related charges that include murder and financing terrorismThe Corporate...
Arctic Intelligence | EU Update - April 2021

EU Update – April 2021

ABN AMRO fined (again!) OPINION: The Dutch bank will pay a total of €480 million for violating the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Act (AML/CTF Act). These violations include...
Arctic Intelligence | CSI Web Partnership

Customer Insights – April 2021

Our next release of the Risk Assessment Platform is just around the corner. We've been hard at work adding enhancements and new features, and we are excited to give you...