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Modern Slavery Risk Assessment Solution

Modern Slavery is a global problem that spans across developing countries and developed economies. However, WalkFree found that only 51% conducted some type of risk assessment on their supply chains however only 30% identified risks. In addition, only 15% disclosed engaging directly with investee companies to address modern slavery through social audits, self-assessment reviews, filing shareholder resolutions, or training.*

Organisations are required to reduce the risk of vulnerable workers in their operations and supply chains becoming exposed to modern slavery by submitting statements addressing the risks. Organisations with modern slavery reporting obligations or reputational risk concerns can achieve their compliance requirements using innovation and technology.

Arctic Intelligence delivers a smart workflow solution that helps businesses conduct the risk assessment process more efficiently and effectively. The challenges of assessing vulnerabilities to modern slavery are diminished by Arctic's technology proficiency and industry expertise in risk methodology and domain content.

Financial Crime

Modern Slavery

Arctic Intelligence provides a cost-effective enterprise risk assessment solution to combat Modern Slavery using a combination of technical proficiency and industry expertise. Arctic Intelligence's Risk Assessment Platform is a purpose-built tool to help guide organisations to compliance. The Risk Assessment Platform also allows businesses to conduct risk assessments on each of their suppliers via the platform.

Providing entity and enterprise-level views, the Risk Assessment Platform is designed to simplify the process across the organisations in a more efficient and effective way. Creating full visibility of the process in one solution eliminates risks within the process. With the right controls in place, you can protect your business and society from the exploitation of people's livelihoods for commercial gain. Freedom is not a compliance obligation, it is a basic human right.

Take control of your controls and reduce the risks of Modern Slavery within your business.

Modern Slavery Risk Solutions

Technology tailored to support your needs

Risk Assessment

We have technology designed for regulated entities who do not have an established Modern Slavery program, and can benefit from an easy to follow, out-of-the-box methodology. The Risk Assessment Platform provides an enterprise-wide risk assessment modern slavery solution that includes a digitised risk assessment workflow, and board-level reporting and analytics. Everything you need to help guide you to compliance. Review your procurement processes and combat modern slavery from the inside. Arctic Intelligence technology can help businesses achieve their reporting obligations for their modern slavery statements.

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