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Recommended Reading

Financial Crime Fighter - Book of Mentors

Financial Crime Fighter Book of Mentors - Tadeo Claravall

“This is the 'Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy' for Financial Crime Fighters - jam-packed full of advice, anecdotes and assistance from industry leaders that have already journeyed far and wide and are sharing candid tales and truths for those that care to follow.

The Lucky Laundry

Lucky Laundry - Nathan Lynch

In today's ruthless world of organised crime, the best criminals aren't foolish enough to steal money out of banks. They wear tailored suits, carry briefcases, and discreetly slip money into banks.

Madoff Peter Sander

Madoff - Peter Sander

The stranger-than-fiction story of how one well-respected money manager built a business empire over decades by means of a classic Ponzi scheme.

The infiltrator - Robert Mazur

The Infiltrator - Robert Mazur

Robert Mazur spent five years undercover infiltrating the criminal hierarchy of Colombia’s drug cartels. The dirty bankers and businessmen he befriended—some of whom still shape power across the globe—knew him as Bob Musella, a wealthy, mob-connected big shot living the good life.

Red Notice - Bill Browder

Red Notice - Bill Browder

The Sunday Times and NYT bestseller. A shocking true-life thriller about corruption, dirty politics and murder in Russia by one of Putin's Most Wanted.

Future Crimes - Marc Goodman

Future Crimes - Marc Goodman

From former FBI Futurist, Interpol advisor and beat cop--a deep dive into the digital underground illuminating the alarming ways criminals, corporations, and countries are using new technologies against you--and how this makes everyone more vulnerable.

Dark Market - misha glenny

Dark Market - Misha Glenny

In this fascinating and compelling book--a must-read for anyone who owns a computer--Misha Glenny exposes our governments' multi-billion-dollar war against an ever-morphing, super smart new breed of criminal: the hacker.

The Dark Art - Edward Follis and Douglas Century

The Dark Art - Edward Follis and Douglas Century

A highly decorated veteran agent recounts his incredible undercover career, and reveals the shocking links between narcotics trafficking and terrorism.