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What is the Health Check?

Company boards are obligated to demonstrate that their AML compliance and other risk programs are fit-for-purpose and effective in managing their risks.

Health Check is a cloud-based platform designed to help regulated businesses (and their professional advisers) to assess the design and operational effectiveness of compliance programs, by mapping policies/procedures to compliance obligations; performing control testing; documenting key observations/recommendations in reports and using data analytics to derive actionable business intelligence on compliance data.

We have templates that can streamline your processes in the following jurisdictions:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore

And many more. Contact us to see how AML Accelerate can streamline your compliance.


How it works

In four easy steps you can configure and conduct the health check assessment, then report and analyse the findings.

Step 1
Configure the obligations and controls to suit your requirements.

Step 2
Conduct the assessment, mapping operational procedures to obligations and performing control effectiveness testing.

Step 3
Draft the report summarising the key findings, observations, recommendations and management actions.

Step 4
Analyse the outcomes using real-time operational and dashboards to benchmark compliance outcomes.


    • Bring your own content or

    • Buy content modules
    • Obligation registers and Controls library

    • Configure platform to suit your needs

    • Define assessment context

    • Map internal policies to obligations

    • Conduct controls testing

    • Assess level of compliance

    • Document actions and issues

    • Draft executive summary report

    • Draft key findings and observations

    • Make recommendations

    • Seek management responses

    • Edit, review and publish the report

    • Compliance dashboards

    • Operational dashboards

    • Breach and incident dashboards

    • Data analyser, benchmark compliance

    • Enterprise data analytics

    • Then simply review and refresh, returning to the first step.

What are the key features?

  • Structured workflow for managing audits of compliance programs

  • Obligations registers maintained by experts, or import your own

  • Full audit trail across the end-to-end audit lifecycle

  • Perform control testing from a library of hundreds of controls, or import your own

  • Track and manage actions, issues and breach reporting

  • Obligations registers maintained by experts, or import your own

  • Highly configurable to tailor the audit framework to suit your needs

  • Flexible deployment options - fully-hosted or deployed on-premise


Why choose our product?

Audits conducted on spreadsheets can make reporting and benchmarking very difficult. Knowing what to audit can be a challenge with experts in short supply.

  • Save time and money, designing assurance frameworks, reducing compliance costs
  • Perform compliance self-assessments to identify and address gaps before formal audits
  • Consultants achieve efficiencies by adopting a standard approach, utilising workflow processes
  • Provides more meaningful insights and actionable business intelligence leveraging data analytics
  • Easily identify gaps against regulatory obligations, then track and manage improvement activities
  • Improve efficiencies tracking and managing actions, issues and operational incidents
  • Full audit trail provides transparency and clarity on the state of compliance across the enterprise
  • Provides peace of mind to the Board and demonstrates compliance to regulators

The products

Our Health Check platform was designed to support the independent assurance reviews by providing a structured framework for organisations professionals to assess the design and operational effectiveness of compliance programs.

AML Health Check

Based on local AML regulations, the Anti-Money Laundering Health Check is designed to help organisations (and their professional advisers) to assess the design and operational effectiveness of the AML Program to satisfy the ‘independent review’ requirements.

Anti-Bribery Health Check

Based on the international anti-bribery management standard (ISO37001) and other internationally recognised standards, the Anti-Bribery Health Check is designed to help major corporates (and their professional advisers) to assess the design and operational effectiveness of their Anti-Bribery and Corruption Programs.


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