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Wildlife Trafficking Risk Assessment Solution

United for Wildlife estimate Illicit wildlife trade between $50B - $150B a year. Tens of thousands of species are at risk of death and extinction. This includes animals, plants, insects, corals and other creatures all of which conribute to our bio diversity. This illegal wildlife trade can contribute to disease oubreaks, murder, bribery, terrorism and organised crime.

Arctic Intelligence provides businesses with a unique workflow to guide them through the risk assessment process. By adopting a smart solution, the prevention of illicit wildlife trade can become more efficient and effective. Using the intelligence from industry professionals and technical profficiency, Arctic Intelligence's proproetary solution can solve many challenges faced with financial crime risk management.

Financial Crime

Wildlife Trafficking

Arctic Intelligence's enterprise risk assessment solution provides a highly configurable solution that not only helps businesses prevent financial crime such as wildlife trafficking but also protects the businesses from data sovereignty. The purpose-built tool has proven to increase efficiencies and effectiveness.

The nature of wildlife trafficking requires enterprise and entity-level risk assessments to capture red flags within the customer base and transactional data. Reducing the risks to wildlife trafficking can be instrumental to the overall wellbeing of wildlife across the globe. Help those who can't help themselves by adopting technology to solve your risk assessment challenges.

Be the voice for the innocent and adopt a purpose-built technology that reduces your business's vulnerabilities to the illicit wildlife trade.

Wildlife Trafficking Risk Solutions

Technology tailored to support your needs

Risk Assessment

We have the technology to support regulated businesses, who do not have an established Wildlife Trafficking program, and can benefit from an easy to follow, out-of-the-box methodology. The Risk Assessment Platform provides an enterprise-wide risk assessment solution that includes a digitised risk assessment workflow, and board-level reporting and analytics. Everything you need to help guide you to compliance.

Larger organisations with a number of assessment units have the ability to customise our risk models or implement their own. Adopt a risk-based approach using Arctic Intelligence's smart workflow and reduce the challenges of conducting risk assessments with technology.

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