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Fraud Risk Assessment Solution

Arctic Intelligence's fraud solution innovates the enterprise risk assessment process by providing a smart workflow which walks you through conducting risk assessments every step of the way. It transforms what once was a laborious task into a simple digitised solution.

The foundational strength of any fraud program is the culture within the organisation so the morals and ethics of your staff are key. This is prevalent across the entire business as issues can arise both internally and externally locally and internationally. Help to maintain the integrity of your organisation and utilise technology to identify your organisation's vulnerabilities to fraud.

Financial Crime


Enterprise risk assessments help in the prevention process of serious fraud, malpractice, and misconduct. Arctic Intelligence can help your business identify circumstances and potential scenarios that can emerge by providing a simple to use smart workflow. Minimise your fraud exposure by adopting technology to enhance your countermeasures with a cost-effective solution.

The Risk Assessment Platform is Arctic Intelligence's proprietary solution that helps businesses effectively identify, assess, manage and mitigate its business operations to discover its susceptibility to fraudulent activity. It is simple to use, effective and efficient in managing the risk assessment process and aiding in combating fraud within your business.

Don't overlook an area of financial crime that is underestimated. Unpack your organisation's vulnerabilities to fraud and maintain honest business relationships that adhere to ethical business standards.

Fraud Solutions

Technology tailored to support your needs

Risk Assessment

We have the technology to support start-ups or newly regulated businesses, who do not have an established Fraud program, and can benefit from an easy to follow, out-of-the-box methodology. The Risk Assessment Platform provides an enterprise-wide risk assessment fraud solution that includes a digitised risk assessment workflow and board-level reporting and analytics. Everything you need to help guide you to compliance.

Our technology can also support larger organisations with large numbers of assessment units, who may want to customise our base risk models or implement their own.

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