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AML Accelerate announces strategic relationship with Deloitte

AML Accelerate is pleased to announce its strategic global partnership with Deloitte who have been appointed to provide on-demand AML advisory services to reduce the risk of financial crime through the AML Accelerate platform.

Complying with increasing AML/CFT regulations can be complex and costly…until now!

Anthony Quinn, co-founder of AML Accelerate said, “We are delighted to announce the appointment of Deloitte to run AML Accelerate’s on-demand advice service that offers our clients up to 3-hours of video conference calls with one of Deloitte’s hand-picked AML experts, who will guide them through the whole process of completing their money laundering risk assessment and creating a compliant AML/CFT Program Manual”. Quinn added, “Having AML expertise on tap, will save our clients time and money, and will provide peace of mind that they can meet their compliance requirements in an efficient and robust manner”.

Tim Phillipps, Asia-Pacific Leader of the Financial Crime Network and Southeast Asia Forensic and Analytics Leader for Deloitte, supported this by saying, “This is a unique opportunity for Deloitte and AML Accelerate to collaborate. The technology developed by AML Accelerate is both innovative in its concept and simplicity. Not only does it help business achieve compliance but it provides a platform for an industry-wide effort to tackle financial crime – we are thrilled to be supporting that effort with our expertise.

About AML Accelerate:

AML Accelerate an easy-to-use platform designed by experts for conducting money laundering and terrorism financing risk assessments tailored to over 30 financial and non-financial industry sectors. AML Accelerate has been designed to help organisations of all sizes across different industry sectors and geographies to meet their AML compliance requirements – saving you time and money.

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