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Arctic Intelligence launches 14-day free trial of AML Accelerate

Recently, Arctic Intelligence launched a 14-day obligation free trial of the multi-award winning money laundering and terrorism financing risk assessment and AML/CTF program/policy development platform, AML Accelerate.

For the first time, Arctic Intelligence is enabling regulated businesses to experience for themselves how to easily identify money laundering and terrorism financing risks, assess the design and operational effectiveness of their controls and develop effective AML/CTF Program/Policy – without the upfront financial commitment.

AML Accelerate has been tailored to four main industry sectors – financial services, gaming, gatekeeper professions including, lawyers, accountants and real-estate agents, as well as, dealers in high-value goods and includes an AML/CTF Program/Policy aligned to laws in over 30 countries (with many more coming soon).

What is AML Accelerate?

Your Smart AML/CTF Risk Assessment Solution

AML Accelerate is a cloud-based risk assessment solution for evaluating money laundering and terrorism financing risks. Designed by AML experts and tailored to over 30 financial and non-financial sectors and 30 countries, and was purpose-built to help small and medium-sized businesses in over 200 countries comply with AML/CTF laws.

Simplify Compliance with AML Accelerate

Every regulated business must implement a methodology to identify and assess their vulnerabilities to ML/TF risks and then develop an appropriate and proportionate control framework to mitigate and manage these risks, which is a challenge for many.

AML Accelerate guides businesses toward compliance by streamlining risk assessment, policy development, and action tracking. Our user-friendly platform helps businesses identify vulnerabilities and create effective control frameworks to mitigate risks.

Watch our 60 second overview video.

What are the key features of AML Accelerate?

  • Risk Assessment Excellence, Simplified: AML Accelerate provides a sophisticated yet user-friendly interface for identifying, assessing, mitigating, and managing ML/TF risks.
  • Purpose built for small and medium-sized businesses: AML Accelerate is designed by experts, so you don’t need to be one.  You’ll be guided through the process in six-easy steps and generate the documents you need to demonstrate compliance.
  • Cost-Effective Implementation: Designed to be simple and cost-effective, starting at just USD$2,500 per year, saving you time and money.

“Arctic Intelligence is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that empower businesses to combat financial crime effectively. By launching AML Accelerate as a free-trial, we aim to showcase how our multi-award-winning platform can help thousands of regulated entities regardless of their size, industry sector or geography revolutionise their approach to conducting business-wide money laundering risk assessments”, said Anthony Quinn, CEO and Founder at Arctic Intelligence.

Get started today. Click the button to get your free trial.

About Arctic Intelligence 

Arctic Intelligence is a multi-award-winning regulatory technology (RegTech) business that specialises in audit, risk and compliance software related to financial crime compliance and risk management.  

Our platforms are designed to help regulated businesses regardless of their size, industry sector or geography to identify, assess, mitigate and manage financial crime risks.

Our AML Accelerate Platform was designed to guide small and medium-sized businesses in over 30 financial and non-financial industry sectors and over 30 countries to easily conduct money laundering and terrorism financing risk assessments, while enabling the evaluation of the design and operation effectiveness of their controls, facilitating the creation of effective AML/CTF Program/Policy.

Our Risk Assessment Platform was designed primarily for larger enterprises, as well as the consultants that assist them, by offering the flexibility to customise methodologies and risk and control models.  We help organisations to seamlessly transition from manual spreadsheet-based approaches through digitisation, and support them on their journey towards fully automating business-wide financial crime risk assessments. Our subject matter experts have developed a suite of financial crime and non-financial crime risk domains, containing hundreds of risk indicators and corresponding controls or you can bring your own.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies strengthen their defences against financial crime and our innovative team has been widely recognised as thought leaders in this space.

Compliance. The smart way.

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