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Customer insights – September 2020

Here at Arctic Intelligence, we’re all about delivering the features and services that are most important to our community of users. This month we released an enhancement to the Risk Assessment Platform with globalisation support, added the ability to vote for new features on our Community Forum, and updated our Help Center with FAQs, Methodology documents, and Product List updates.

New Release of the Risk Assessment Platform

Our latest release of the Risk Assessment Platform adds the much-requested Globalisation functionality, and support for non-language characters.

Data Sovereignty

New global architecture to ensure client data resides in a data store within a selected region.

Data sovereignty has become increasingly important for many clients, so to allow a single entry point to our cloud platform and a single user account across multiple regions, the new architecture includes support for regional databases and a central hub for replicating non-sensitive data such as templates. When a client registers in a particular region, all of the client-specific data and information, such as their financial crime risk assessments, is only stored in the relevant regional database.

Learn more about what this means for you in our Help Center.

Support for Non-English Alphabet Characters

Unicode UTF-8 text format is now supported, allowing non-English alphabet characters in data input and CSV imports. Non-English characters also render correctly in reports and CSV exports.

CSV files exported from the platform now download in CSV UTF-8 (comma delimited) format.

Vote for new features on the community forum

Join our Community Forums and add your vote to your favourite ideas for new features in AML Accelerate, our risk assessment guide to compliance. Ideas with the highest votes receive priority attention by our product design and development teams.

Ideas that are accepted for a future release will have their status updated so you can see what is planned (or not), and what has been completed and is available in the platform.

Sign in with your Community Forum account to:

  • Vote up ideas
  • Add your own ideas for new features and enhancements
  • Create community forum posts
  • Add comments to ideas or other’s forum posts

Sign up if you do not yet have an account for the Community Forum. Please note this is separate to your AML Accelerate login.

Join the conversation by visiting the Community Forum for AML Accelerate.

Help center updates

AML Accelerate | A risk assessment guide to compliance
AML Accelerate Product List

We have updated the downloadable AML Product Listing to include mappings to the correlating Designated Services of the Australian AML Act. Check back for more jurisdictions.

Download your copy of the updated Product and Service Listings and contact us about our risk assessment solutions.

Risk Assessment Platform | A configurable enterprise risk assessment solution
Methodology for the Risk Assessment Platform

The risk assessment methodology is now documented and available on our Help Center. This new topic explains how the risk assessment logic aggregates the data you enter into the Risk Assessment Platform into residual risk ratings for your sub-assessments and assessments.

Learn more about the risk assessment methodology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our knowledge base of frequently asked questions and answers continues to grow. Find the answers to your questions by performing a text search in the Support widget while you’re using one of our platforms, or by performing a text search in our Help Center. We love to hear from you, so keep those questions coming.

AML Accelerate

FAQ: My account is locked and the Forgot Password function didn’t send me an email. How do I reset my password?

FAQ: Where can I see a list of high risk products?

Risk Assessment Platform

FAQ: Where can I see weightings for all the questions in the risk assessment?

FAQ: Why is the Add Controls button disabled?

With all these updates to the risk assessment platform, Help Center, FAQs, and community forums, it is easier than ever to conduct risk assessments and keep your data secure.

Patricia Sellars-Jones, Customer Manager

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