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What is AML Accelerate?

AML Accelerate is a cloud-based counter-terrorism financing and AML risk assessment platform designed by experts and is tailored to over 30 financial and non-financial industry sectors.

Money laundering and terrorism financing laws apply to millions of organisations of all sizes across different industry sectors and geographies. Complying with increasing regulations can be complex and costly… until now. AML Accelerate reduces the time and resouces spent on AML compliance.


How our solution assists with AML risk management

AML Accelerate is an easy-to-use platform designed by experts to guide you to compliance, saving you time and money.

Tailored to over 30 industry sectors and country-specific laws, it provides peace of mind that mandatory anti money laundering regulations are being met and your AML risk being managed.

By answering some simple questions about your organisation, our step by step process provides you with the following risk management outputs:

AML Accelerate - AML/CFT platform

Key features to help you manage AML Risk

  • The risk assessment is tailored to over 30 different industry sectors

  • AML program template based on country-specific AML laws

  • Full audit trail across the entire AML risk management process

  • Breach and incident reporting supports day-to-day operations

  • Action and issue tracking helps manage improvements

  • Ongoing notifications of AML regulatory changes

  • Enterprise risk analytics across your organisation

  • Fully hosted in a secure cloud and supported by AML risk experts


Why choose our product for AML compliance?

Complying with increasing anti money laundering risk regulations can be complex and costly, with experts in short supply.

  • Designed by experts, so you don’t need to be one
  • Meet mandatory regulatory compliance requirements for audits
  • Saves time and money, reducing compliance costs
  • Easily demonstrate compliance to regulators
  • Provides peace of mind to your Board of Directors
  • On-demand consulting support available when needed
  • Keep your compliance program up-to-date as things change
  • Join our community and have your say on enhancements


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