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Customer insights – May 2021

Arctic Intelligence | Risk Assessment Platform
Enterprise-wide risk assessment solution

Risk Assessment v1.9 is now live with exciting new features and quality of life improvements to the platform. Thanks to our wonderful community of users who provide feedback, this input feeds directly into our roadmap, contributing to a product rich in features and functions to make risk assessments as easy as 1-2-3.

Release v1.9 Feature Highlights:

  • Multi-domain Assessments – Create enterprise-wide assessments spanning multiple domains such as Anti Money Laundering, Anti Bribery and Corruption, and Sanctions. 
  • Configuration of Assessment Reports – Define exactly which assessment units to include in the report, as well as their weighting and the order they’re displayed.
  • Multiple Methodologies – You are no longer limited to a single default methodology and can have more than one active methodology for Assessments, Answer Sets, Risk Models and Country Risk Models.
  • Optional Supporting Documents – Creating an Assessment Unit no longer requires a Supporting Document Template to be selected.
  • Action Owners – Assign Owners to Actions, who will receive notification emails on Action creation and update. Notifications stop when there is a Resolution.
  • Status Changes – Risk Factors and Controls in the assessment unit have new statuses representing their state of completion.
  • Restricted Users and Assessment Unit Owners – A new “Restricted” setting is available for users. When enabled, the user is limited to only their assigned Assessment Units.
  • App Setup Bulk Field Updates – Update multiple fields at one time when working in App Setup for Risk Models, Answer Sets, Methodologies, and Country Risk Models.
  • Descriptions for App Setup Content – It is now possible to add descriptions to the Methodologies, Risk Models and Answer Sets in the App Setup windows.
  • Improved User Interface – General improvements to the interface provide a more streamlined and efficient user experience.

Visit the Release Notes in our Help Center for more details on all these features and more.

In addition to new features, the content available in the Risk Assessment Platform has also had an overhaul.

New and Updated Risk Models:

  • New! Human Trafficking Risk Model
  • New! Wildlife Trafficking Risk Model
  • New! Modern Slavery Risk Model
  • New! Correspondent Banking (Wolfsberg Institute) Risk Model
  • New! Sanctions Risk Models (Enterprise-wide and Product)
  • Updated: AML Enterprise-wide Risk Model
  • New: AML Customer Risk and AML Customer Type Risk
  • New: AML Employee Role Risk
  • New: AML Channel Risk and AML Product Risk
  • Updated: ABC Enterprise-wide Risk Model
  • New: ABC Product Risk and ABC Service Provider Risk

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