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Consultant case study: Initialism – AML Compliance solutions

Neil Jeans - Advisor

Neil Jeans, Principal at Initialism and co-founder of AML Accelerate, shares how he uses AML Accelerate to grow his AML/CTF consultancy.

When we designed AML Accelerate, we designed it with the consulting market in mind. Delivering clients the product and service that they need – the AML program, the risk assessment, due diligence standard – can be time consuming and in some cases, inefficient. AML Accelerate allows you to deliver AML risk assessments and AML programs in an organised and systematic way. This means you can service your clients more effectively and more efficiently, freeing you up to work with more clients and grow your business.

We’ve been using AML Accelerate for the past 12-18 months and have serviced more than 200 clients in that time. Providing them with a risk assessment that is of an international standard and has been accepted by regulators globally.

AML Accelerate allows you to provide your clients with industry specific AML/CTF programs that can then be tailored using your consultancy skills. Ultimately providing the client with customer due diligence standards that are country specific and tailored to their needs.

AML Accelerate allows us to work with our clients in a more structured manner and provide access to our services in different ways. Because AMLA is web-enabled, it allows us to interact with our clients on-site and off-site. That means we can service more clients and make more money. AML Accelerate is a highly efficient tool that has enabled us to expand and grow our business.

Neil Jeans, Principal Consultant at Initialism, and co-founder of AML Accelerate