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AML Accelerate announces partnership with Asia Law Network

AML Accelerate is pleased to announce its partnership with the Asia Law Network, the only marketing platform partnered by the Law Society of Singapore with over 1,500 active lawyers using their platform.

This partnership provides AML Accelerate with an extended reach into Asia and provides clients of the Asia Law
Network with access to a market-leading money laundering and terrorism financing compliance platform to effectively manage their AML/CFT risks and programs more effectively.

Anthony Quinn, Founder of AML Accelerate said, “We are really excited to announce our partnership with Asia Law Network who have an outstanding track record in providing cost-effective solutions to thousands of lawyers in Singapore.

Quinn added, “This partnership will allow thousands of lawyers in Asia to access our category defining AML/CFT compliance platform and assist them in identifying, assessing, mitigating and managing their money laundering and terrorism financing risks, as well as, developing and maintaining compliant AML/CFT programs in a cost-effective manner.”

Asia Law Network’s CEO Cherilyn Tan supported this by saying, “With the increase in compliance requirements worldwide, it can be difficult for organisations to put in place the right strategies and practices. I  am excited to partner with AML Accelerate, which will allow members in our network to have access to a platform which will guide them in their compliance efforts!”

About AML Accelerate:

AML Accelerate is an easy-to-use platform designed by experts for conducting money laundering and terrorism financing risk assessments tailored to over 30 financial and non-financial industry sectors. AML Accelerate has been designed to help organisations of all sizes across different industry sectors and geographies to meet their AML compliance requirements – saving you time and money.

About Asia Law Network:

Asia Law Network was founded in Nov 2014 with the mission to enable people in Asia to make better and
more confident decisions in their lives and build stronger businesses by efficiently and effectively connecting
customers to the right legal advice quickly and affordable. We leverage technology and work in partnership
with lawyers, regulatory bodies and other partners to make it easier and affordable to get great legal help.
As the only marketing platform partnered with the Law Society of Singapore, Asia Law Network has proven to be a reliable partner for lawyers, and people looking to find legal help. It has the largest network of lawyers in Singapore with more than 30% of Singapore lawyers and its extended network includes lawyers from other parts of Asia Pacific and the world.

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