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AML insights that help set the global benchmark in compliance

Arctic Intelligence have produced their 2022 insights survey to gather data from financial crime risk and compliance professionals across the globe. The focus is to understand how organisations conduct their money laundering and terrorist financing governance. This survey delves into the intricacies of what Arctic Intelligence believes to be the cornerstone of every anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing (AML/CTF) risk management programme, the risk assessment. An often laborious task which consists of hundreds of spreadsheets, the AML/CTF risk assessment helps businesses to simply understand their AML risks and demonstrate compliance with award-winning technology. 

Increased market demand and innovative regulatory technology (RegTech) have since evolved the lengthy risk assessment process into a more efficient and effective solution. This technology can be adopted by regulated entities such as fintech start-ups to larger financial enterprises. Arctic Intelligence delivers pragmatic insights that will standardise the approach to AML/CTF and help to provide businesses with best practices. 

“Delivering a gold standard in combating financial crime globally is crucial. As the economic, environmental, political and commercial landscape changes, so should the evolution in processes and technology. Our global network and strategic alliances are growing to enable businesses to perform risk assessments with leading technology and expert content. This combined effort along with our annual AML Benchmark Report can help businesses achieve compliance.” 

Darren Cade, CEO of Arctic Intelligence

AML/CTF legislation exists to prevent criminals from taking advantage of legitimate financial systems to hide or disguise the proceeds of crimes that often span across the globe. Arctic Intelligence’s unique approach to providing innovative business-wide risk assessment solutions, delivering regulatory updates and country risk ratings and analysing and reporting on global quantitative and qualitative data puts them on the forefront of innovation and social responsibility in the fight against financial crime. 

Risk and compliance professionals have been invited to participate in the survey for free access to the comprehensive version of Arctic Intelligence’s AML Benchmark Report. This valuable exchange will help organisations gain key insights and help to identify key areas for improvement. The release of the anticipated benchmark report is due May 2022 and survey participation will cease towards the end of April.

Arctic Intelligence have also invited key partners around the world to participate in the analysis of their aggregated data. This will include commentary on location, industry and organisational based data from certain regions to provide AML risk and compliance professionals a local perspective. This is another first for Arctic Intelligence, who continue to evolve and improve their solutions with a customer-first approach. 

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