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Arctic Intelligence | EU Update March 2021

ASIC boosts support for regtech

ASIC is ramping its support for regulatory technology businesses or 'regtechs' in response to an overwhelming number of organisations expressing frustration over complex compliance burdens. The corporate watchdog recently announced...
Are Financial Crimes Costing Your Business Serious Money?

Are Financial Crimes Costing Your Business Serious Money?

In a world first, Australian compliance ingenuity and technology enables businesses to rapidly and affordable audit and assess their risk exposure to financial crimes and then deliver actionable recommendations to...
Arctic Intelligence | News in Brief - April 2021

The first step of AML/CFT compliance – understanding your ML/TF Risks

One of the main aims of New Zealand’s AML/CFT regime is the identification and management of money laundering (ML) and terrorist financing (TF) risks. The first recommendation within the Financial...
Alarm bells ringing laundering claims rain on CBAs parade

‘Alarm bells ringing’- laundering claims rain on CBA’s parade

Commonwealth Bank staff at the Market City branch in Sydney's Chinatown were getting suspicious, watching the same customer making cash deposits of just under $10,000. It was July 2015 and...
Narev sets aside $40m

Narev sets aside $40m to combat dirty cash

Commonwealth Bank has committed to spending $40 million over the next 12 months in a bid to fortify its anti-money laundering technology capabilities; a sum that has divided opinion in...
Arctic Intelligence | Financial Crime Risk Management Solutions

Regtech gets a voice

The Regtech Association, launched late last week, is a first of its kind. It’s a product of the latent demand in the finance industry for specialist technology in this area,...
Arctic Intelligence | Wealth Management US Technology Report

Start-ups form regtech industry association

A new industry group to represent the emerging regulatory technology, or regtech, industry has been formed in order to encourage collaboration between start-ups and regulated companies as the rise of...
Arctic Intelligence | Financial Crime Risk Management Solutions

Arctic Intelligence ranks 57th in The RegTech Top 100 Power List

Welcome to the RegTech Top 100 Power List: the most influential RegTech firms presented by PlanetCompliance Regulatory Technology aka RegTech is revolutionising how we deal with financial regulation. To overcome...
Arctic Intelligence | What we're hearing - May 2021

RegTech Association launches with spotlight on growing eco-system

29th March 2017, Sydney, Australia. The RegTech Association will officially launch tomorrow with a high-profile event in Sydney, where the first-of-its-kind group will be hosting an exclusive speaker panel, including...
Arctic Intelligence | International Compliance Association Partnership Announcement

Financial Crimes Solutions provides online auditing tools to help businesses manage compliance and risk

Financial crimes like fraud, money laundering, bribery, and corruption only make it onto the average person’s radar through either sensationalist news headlines concerning high powered politicians or business leaders, or...