Are you confident your risk assessment and compliance program will protect your business and satisfy the regulator?

With government regulations and the sophistication of money laundering and other financial crime constantly changing, you may find your business exposed to criminal activity if you don't have adequate controls and processes in place.

Our audit, risk assessment and compliance software is regularly updated in response to changing regulations and industry best-practice. You can be confident that your business is protected, and your risk assessment and program is explainable and defendable to the regulator and your Board of Directors.

What are the benefits of using our solutions?

  • Designed by experts, so you don’t need to be one
  • Meet mandatory regulatory compliance requirements
  • Save time and money, reducing compliance costs
  • Easily demonstrate compliance to regulators
  • Peace of mind for your Board of Directors
  • On-demand consulting support available when needed
  • Keep your compliance program up-to-date as things change
  • Join our community and have your say on enhancements

Which solution is right for your business?

If you need to conduct an anti-money laundering (AML) risk assessment and generate an AML program tailored to your business:

AML Accelerate is a cloud-based money laundering and terrorism financing risk assessment platform with a pre-configured, guided process designed to help you meet regulatory guidelines.

Designed by experts, the step-by-step comprehensive risk assessment process is tailored to your local legislation and industry. AML Accelerate includes libraries of risk factors and controls, breach and incident management, and is the central repository of evidence to support your risk assessment outcomes.

As regulations change, the product is updated and you receive alerts so you can be confident that your risk assessment and compliance program is up-to-date and defendable to regulators.

If your company has an existing risk assessment methodology that would benefit from the rigour of a central, consistent, and controlled environment:

The Risk Assessment is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses identify, assess, mitigate and manage risks for money laundering, bribery and corruption, fraud, cyber and other risk domains.

The Risk Assessment solution allows you to leverage its in-built risk and control models, or import your existing risk methodology and content, to create scalable and repeatable risk assessments.  

The platform is configurable, enabling you to conduct risk assessments, regardless of the risk domain. The end result is defendable risk assessment output that can be easily explained to regulators and your executive team.

If you need to perform compliance gap assessments and executive reporting on the effectiveness of your compliance program:

Health Check is a cloud-based solution designed to help regulated businesses and their advisers, assess the design and operational effectiveness of financial crime compliance programs, such as anti-money laundering, counter-terrorism financing, and anti-bribery and corruption.

The solution can be used ahead of formal independent reviews to assess potential compliance gaps in control design or effectiveness, and document an action plan. It offers a standardised and efficient way of managing compliance gap assessments and provides a full audit trail of the end-to-end process from data discovery, through to conducting the assessment, writing reports and analysing outputs.

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Our platforms are designed to be used by regulated businesses but many benefit from engaging the services of an experienced consultant to help them. Arctic Intelligence works with a diverse network of consultants, ranging from major firms, through to smaller independent consulting firms.

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