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Arctic Intelligence | What we are hearing - April 2021

What we are hearing – November 2020

In November, we have seen interest in the financial crime risk and compliance management space continue to grow with continuous media coverage on compliance issues popping up in all corners...
Arctic Intelligence | What we're hearing - May 2021

Customer Insights – November 2020

This month we shine a spotlight on one of the most active members of our community, Suncorp's Financial Crimes Team, to find out how adopting technology has helped to manage...
Arctic Intelligence | Financial Crime Risk Management Solutions

The Importance of RegTech in Financial Crime Risk Management

How RegTech & financial crime risk management technologies can benefit your business and society As the impact of financial crime continues to grow, both on businesses and society in general,...
Arctic Intelligence | News in Brief - May 2021

Arctic Intelligence appoints Darren Cade as CEO

PRESS RELEASE: Global RegTech firm Arctic Intelligence is accelerating into its next phase of growth with its financial crime risk management solutions by promoting Arctic’s longstanding COO, Darren Cade to...
Arctic Intelligence | FCA send warning to those with financial crime compliance failings

Customer Insights – October 2020

In this months newsletter we share some insights from the roundtable event with our Canadian customers, and provide answers to the latest questions on conducting risk assessments in AML Accelerate...
Arctic Intelligence | CSI Web Partnership

EU Update – October 2020

Compansies House Reform The UK's company registrar, Companies House are set to reform procedures to clamp down on fraud and money laundering. In April 2016, the UK led the way...
Arctic Intelligence | What we are hearing March 2021

News in Brief – October 2020

This year we have witnessed some of the largest fines in history with many international financial services organisations and other regulated entities under scrutiny from regulators. As the business landscape...
Arctic Intelligence | What we are hearing - April 2021

October 2020 – Founder Note

October has been another busy month for Arctic Intelligence and for the financial crime compliance community as whole, as momentum is solidly building in the mainstream and social media, below...
Arctic Intelligence |

News In Brief – September 2020

Many businesses have been subjected to scrutiny for overlooking their vulnerabilities related to financial crime and more recently, these investigations have resulted in the form of exorbitant penalties from regulators....
Arctic Intelligence | CSI Web Partnership

Global RegTech firm Arctic Intelligence signs leading US-based consultancy as partner

Consultancy giant Computer Services, Inc. (CSI), elect global RegTech firm, Arctic Intelligence as a regulatory compliance solution provider for their risk management services 28 September 2020 - For 55 years,...
Arctic Intelligence | News in Brief - April 2021

EU Update – September 2020

Bank branch staff doing a heroic job Bank branch staff in the UK prevented fraud worth £19.3 million in the first half of 2020. Scams were interrupted due to a...
Arctic Intelligence | What we are hearing March 2021

September 2020 Anti-Money Laundering News Highlights

State of the street OPINION:  On 16 September 2020, AUSTRAC issued a media release informing of the infringement notice that they issued to the State Street Bank and Trust Company,...
Arctic Intelligence | What we are hearing March 2021

September 2020 – Note from CEO

Over the last month or so we have started to see some disparity emerging  in the way in which international financial crime regulators are treating regulated entities where they identify...
Arctic Intelligence | News in Brief March 2021

Customer Insights – September 2020

Here at Arctic Intelligence, we're all about delivering the features and services that are most important to our community of users. This month we released an enhancement to the Risk...
Arctic Intelligence | What we are hearing - April 2021

News in Brief – August 2020

The world in which we live has become a constant state of uncertainty so we wanted to provide you with actionable steps to fighting financial crime and assessing your risks....
Arctic Intelligence | FCA send warning to those with financial crime compliance failings

Lost time is never found again

OPINION: A recent LinkedIn post from Jim Richards, the Founder of RegTech Consulting LLC explored the clear disconnect between the length of time regulators think it takes regulated entities to...
Arctic Intelligence | Customer Insights - May 2021

EU Update – August 2020

Online Real estate agent fined for breaching UK AML regulations Purplebricks were fined £266,793 by HMRC for breaching UK anti-money laundering rules. This can only shine a brighter light on...
Arctic Intelligence | Customer Insights - Feb 2021

Banking Sector Financial Crime News

All that glitters is not Gold(man) OPINION: On 28 July 2020, Najib Razak the ex-Malaysian Prime Minister was convicted of all seven charges in the multi-billion dollar 1MDB scandal and...
Arctic Intelligence | International Compliance Association Partnership Announcement

August 2020 Note from CEO

In the last month or so there was so much media coverage of financial crime issues that I can’t recall a busier month this year. It is clear from the...
Arctic Intelligence |

Is your AML/CTF compliance program up to scratch?

OPINION: On June 4th, Westpac released its 48-page response to AUSTRAC’s statement of claim following the conclusion of the Promontory led Advisory Panel tasked with identifying the primary causes for...