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Arctic Intelligence launches 14-day free trial of AML Accelerate

Recently, Arctic Intelligence launched a 14-day obligation free trial of the multi-award winning money laundering and terrorism financing risk assessment and AML/CTF program/policy development platform, AML Accelerate. For the first time, Arctic Intelligence is enabling regulated businesses to experience for themselves how to easily identify money laundering and terrorism financing risks, assess the design and…

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Cornerstone and Foundation: How Governance and Risk Assessment Fortify Your BSA/AML and OFAC Program

Your BSA/AML and OFAC compliance program needs a guiding structure and a robust foundation in order to stand tall, be strong and prove resilient against the evils of financial crime, money laundering and terrorist financing. That’s where governance and risk assessment come in. Think of them as the cornerstone and foundation of your compliance program,…

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December 2023 – New features & upcoming features

Arctic Intelligence | Financial Crime Risk Management Solutions

Event Management  We have introduced “Events,” empowering our clients to create, track, and manage breaches, operational incidents, or near-misses. The platform enables real-time drillable dashboards and reports, allowing users to filter information by status, owner, event type, priority, due date, and more.  In-Application Tutorial  To enhance user experience, we have implemented a guided in-application tutorial…

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Risk Assessment: The Bedrock of Financial Services Compliance

In the current competitive and fast changing landscape of the financial services industry, effective risk assessment often gets relegated to the backburner and is overshadowed by desires to build fast and break things, capture as much market and mind share as possible, and grow income quickly to minimize capital burn and prove the business model. …

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Risk Assessment Techniques for Financial Crime

Arctic Intelligence | Ramp Up Your Modern Slavery Response

RegTech Round Up brings thought leaders and technology professionals within the Canadian RegTech community together to discuss current regulatory challenges and emerging technology trends and solutions. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for a daily dose of financial crime news across the globe.

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Proliferation Financing risks: What businesses need to know

Proliferation Financing (PF) forms part of the compliance landscape, like anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing (AML/CTF). However, it’s only recently that regulators have started to introduce tighter measures to help businesses identify PF risks. The UK is currently leading the way. And with an increased focus worldwide on enhancing risk regulatory measures, it’s likely that…

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Books To The Boardroom

Arctic Intelligence | ACAMS Australasia 2022 Recap

In Conversation with Anthony Quinn, Founder at Arctic Intelligence & Co-Founder at AML Accelerate. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for a daily dose of financial crime news across the globe.

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7 tips for your next Independent Review of the AML/CTF Program

tips for aml ctf program review

An independent review of the anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (CTF) program helps assess an organisation’s compliance process to ensure whether it is meeting its legal and regulatory requirements. An independent review can also be a great way of identifying any potential weaknesses to help organisations update their compliance protocols and reduce risks, before…

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