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Enterprise-wide AML/CTF Risk Assessment Solutions for Professional Services


Professional Services

Many consulting and legal firms have “risk advisory” practices offering support to regulated entities with their risk assessments. Unfortunately, however, these services are often delivered using outdated methods, mostly via excel spreadsheets that are not fit for purpose for the majority of their clients.

Professional services firms often wax-lyrical about the fact their clients should digitally transform themselves but then deliver consulting services using archaic tools, rather than embracing RegTech solutions that could help them to digitise their approach to risk advisory consulting and allow them to better service their clients.


Professional Services firms to digitise their outdated risk advisory practices using RegTech solutions?

Arctic Intelligence is a multi-award winning, RegTech firm that specialises in audit, risk and compliance software related to financial crime compliance and risk management.

We have helped many major, mid-tier and boutique consulting businesses to digitise their financial crime risk management advisory practices by white-labelling our Risk Assessment Platform, embedding their risk methodologies and digitised versions of their excel-based risk models into our market-leading platform that empowers their consultants and clients to execute risk assessments in a much more efficient way.


Professional Services firms using our solutions?

Over the last ten years, many professional services firms have built or attempted to build enterprise-risk assessment solutions themselves and have realised that developing, maintaining and enhancing technology solutions is a serious undertaking and many of these in-built solutions have either been still-born, not gained traction or not been able to keep up with the pace of innovation.

At Arctic Intelligence, we are a technology-first RegTech business that provides configuration and ongoing support to our clients but do not typically provide consulting services and professional services firms are not technology providers but combining deep-domain and implementation expertise with multi-award-winning technologies is a powerful combination.

Here are just some of the benefits that professional services firms could realise by partnering with us:

Reduce in house costs

Get access to the latest RegTech solutions without having to spend millions building and maintaining these solutions in-house

Avoid falling behind

Sunset in-house solutions that are not keeping up with the pace of development expected by clients and regulators

Digitise and modernise

Digitise your own risk advisory practices by retiring excel-spreadsheets and modernise your consulting practice

Improve client experience

Deliver better outcomes by helping clients to configure, digitise, and automate their risk assessments using the latest RegTech platforms

Impress clients

When your clients ask if you are using a platform solution (i.e. not excel) to deliver financial crime risk assessments, you can actually answer yes

Save time and money

Improve the efficiency and speed at which risk assessment engagements can be delivered, saving you time and your clients money

Deliver more value

Deliver better value for your clients and achieve better outcomes engage in higher-value data transformation projects

Differentiate your business

Differentiate your professional services businesses from your competitors, who may be slower to adopt RegTech solutions in their practices

Gain competitive advantage

Build a risk advisory practice by leveraging proven technology solutions that can help you compete against old-school advisory firms

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With Professional Services firms?

Arctic Intelligence works with professional services firms in a number of ways, including as:


Professional services firms can licence our technology to use within their risk advisory practices


We typically partner with professional services firms in the following ways:

  1. Project use - the partner pays us a fee, when our platforms are used to power their consulting engagements;
  2. Referral - often consulting firms have conflicts of interest that prevent them from advising, so they refer clients to Arctic
  3. Reseller - where professional services firms introduce our solutions to their clients, who enter into a direct licensing agreement
  4. Strategic - where professional services firms white-label, embed their content and run engagements using our solutions.

The ways we partner with professional services firms are not mutually exclusive and are often agreed upon on a case-by-case basis.


Clients of Professional Services Firms

Arctic Intelligence is recognised as a thought leader and pioneer in enterprise-wide financial crime risk and compliance gap assessment platforms.

Why choose Arctic Intelligence?

Built by industry experts

Our experts have decades of financial crime risk management experience.

Industry knowledge and expertise

Our team have deep industry knowledge and practical experience.

Tailored to your industry sector

Risk assessments have been tailored to your industry sector.

Proven solutions you can trust

Widely adopted by hundreds of firms in over 20 sectors, 15 countries.

Keep everything up-to-date

Monthly and Quarterly updates ensure you are not missing anything.

Explainable and defendable

Easily demonstrate compliance to Boards and Regulators at any time.

Highly flexible solutions

Regardless of the maturity of you risk assessment, we have you covered.

Cost effective, saving time and money

Save time and money, compared to manual activities or in-house builds.

Peace of mind for your executives

Methodical process provides peace of mind to Boards and Senior Executives.

See the other industry sectors we serve

What solutions do we offer that are designed for professional services firms?

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AML Accelerate

AML Accelerate is a cloud-based guided risk assessment solution for assessing money laundering and terrorism financing risks and developing AML/CTF Programs/Policies.

AML Accelerate is designed for smaller and medium-sized businesses and has been tailored to over 30 industry sectors, including the professional services sector.

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Risk Assessment Platform

The Risk Assessment Platform is a cloud-based highly flexible and configurable enterprise-wide risk and control assessment solution designed for larger enterprises.

Apply standard risk and control libraries for various financial crime risks or configure it to suit any enterprise risk management framework and methodology using in-built workflows, audit trail and real-time enterprise analytics and insights.

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