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Enterprise-wide financial crime Risk Assessment Solutions for other industry sectors


Other industry sectors

Other industry sectors such as non-profit organisations and marijuana-related businesses have been known to be used by organised criminal networks to launder the proceeds of crime and to finance terrorism.  As a result, they are “caught” by the same AML/CTF laws that financial services, gaming and gatekeeper professional sectors are subject to and these businesses must identify and assess their risks and vulnerabilities to money laundering and terrorism financing, then design, implement and maintain appropriate and proportionate control frameworks to mitigate and manage these risks.

Other industries that are not regulated under AML/CTF laws are susceptible to other financial crimes like fraud, bribery and corruption, sanctions violations and tax evasion and it is equally important for businesses operating in these sectors to conduct enterprise-wide risk assessments for these topics.

Major corporates in the following sectors are exposed to fraud, bribery and corruption and other financial crime risks:



Arms, Defence and Military

Banking and Financial Services


Building and Construction

Chemicals and Plastics

Civil Aerospace

Consumer Services


Electronic and Electrical

Fisheries and Forestry

General Industries

Global Hotel Chains


Heavy Manufacturing

Industrial Engineering

Industrial Metals

Information & Communications

Information Technology

Light Manufacturing


Oil and Gas

Oil Equipment and Services

Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Power Generation/Transmission

Printing and Publishing

Professional Services

Public Works Contracts

Real Estate and Property


Legal and Business Services

Support Services


Textiles, Clothing and Footwear

Transportation and Storage


Waste Management


Arctic Intelligence help clients in these sectors?

Arctic Intelligence is a multi-award winning, RegTech firm that specialises in audit, risk and compliance software related to financial crime compliance and risk management.

Arctic Intelligence has developed our Risk Assessment Platform purposefully tailored to risk domains including money laundering, terrorism financing and sanctions; fraud; bribery and corruption; human trafficking; wildlife trafficking and other topics.  

Our clients either use Arctic Intelligence’s expert-built content modules or they import their own (or a hybrid of the two), which enables them to easily identify and assess their risks and vulnerabilities to financial crime and then design, implement and maintain appropriate and proportionate controls to mitigate and manage these risks.

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Other industry sectors

Arctic Intelligence is recognised as a thought leader and pioneer in enterprise-wide financial crime risk and compliance gap assessment platforms.

Why choose Arctic Intelligence?

Built by industry experts

Our experts have decades of financial crime risk management experience.

Industry knowledge and expertise

Our team have deep industry knowledge and practical experience.

Tailored to your industry sector

Risk assessments have been tailored to your industry sector.

Proven solutions you can trust

Widely adopted by hundreds of firms in over 20 sectors, 15 countries.

Keep everything up-to-date

Monthly and Quarterly updates ensure you are not missing anything.

Explainable and defendable

Easily demonstrate compliance to Boards and Regulators at any time.

Highly flexible solutions

Regardless of the maturity of you risk assessment, we have you covered.

Cost effective, saving time and money

Save time and money, compared to manual activities or in-house builds.

Peace of mind for your executives

Methodical process provides peace of mind to Boards and Senior Executives.

Choose the financial crime risk assessment platform that is right for you

We are a recognised as a thought leader and pioneer in the enterprise-wide financial crime risk and compliance gap assessment technology solutions.

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AML Accelerate

AML Accelerate is a cloud-based guided risk assessment solution for assessing money laundering and terrorism financing risks and developing AML/CTF Programs/Policies.

AML Accelerate is designed for smaller and medium-sized businesses and has been tailored to over 30 industry sectors.

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Risk Assessment Platform

The Risk Assessment Platform is a cloud-based highly flexible and configurable enterprise-wide risk and control assessment solution designed for larger enterprises.

Apply standard risk and control libraries for various financial crime risks or configure it to suit any enterprise risk management framework and methodology using in-built workflows, audit trail and real-time enterprise analytics and insights.

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