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Automating Risk Assessments

Automating Risk Assessments

Hear Garry Clement’s views on the importance of automating AML risk assessments.

Does your AML risk program prevent you from being the next regulatory penalty?

The risk assessment is the core foundation of a compliant AML program. It is critical to understand how to identify and assess money laundering risks and implement policies and procedures that are proportionate to the risks your business might reasonably face. Without the right method, this can be costly and challenging.

Financial crime prevention expert, Garry Clement, will share important advice on how regulated entities can benefit by adopting new technology to produce explainable and defendable AML risk assessments.

About Garry Clement:

Gary Clement - Advisor

Garry is an internationally recognized financial crime prevention expert with over 40 years experience in law enforcement and risk management consulting for various regulated entities.

Garry held the role of National Director for the RCMP’s Proceeds of Crime Program, working as an investigator and undercover operator in some of the highest organized crime levels throughout Canada.

Garry also served as the Executive Vice President of the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists, and internationally is an in-demand speaker, writer and consultant.

During this webinar you’ll learn:
● The importance of risk assessments in managing financial crime risk exposures
● The key risk factors to consider when assessing money laundering risks
● How to create explainable & defendable output
● The benefits of using an automated solution to protect your business and meet your regulatory obligations