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Sanctions Risk Assessment Solution

Arctic Intelligence simplifies and innovates the enterprise sanctions risk assessment. Our risk assessment models help assess your organisations exposure to countries where sanctions are imposed for economic, political, military or social issues. Governments prohibit trade with foreign targets which are involved, or suspected of being involved, in illegal activities and the Arctic Intelligence sanctions technology platform digitises the process to conduct risk assessments by identifying, assessing, mitigating and managing the risks associated to sanctions.

Financial Crime


Arctic Intelligence's enterprise risk assessment solution helps businesses to simply navigate and conduct risk assessments efficiently and effectively. Users can identify and understand their sanctions vulnerabilities and can demonstrate compliance. The Risk Assessment Platform is a purpose-built proprietary solution that has been designed to create a seamless process to remove unnecessary barriers that create friction and slow down the process. Arctic Intelligence solutions are a cost-effective way to manage vulnerabilities consistently across your entire organisation with ease.

The ever-changing nature of sanctions, freeze lists and country risk can be challenging however with Arctic Intelligence, you are provided regular updates on country risk and international regulatory changes. Arctic Intelligence will monitor the relevant changes that may impact your operations, so you can focus on your business.

Review your inherent risk, controls effectiveness and residual risk consistently with a simple and effective cloud-based solution.

Sanctions Solutions

Technology tailored to support your needs

Risk Assessment

We have technology to support start-ups or newly regulated businesses, who do not have an established Sanctions program, and can benefit from an easy to follow, out of the box methodology. The Risk Assessment Platform provides an enterprise wide risk assessment sanctions solution that includes a digitised risk assessment workflow, board-level reporting, and analytics. Everything you need to help guide you to compliance.

Our technology can also support larger organisations with large numbers of assessment units, who may want to customise our base risk models or implement their own.

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