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Case Study – Northwest Healthcare Properties


Northwest Healthcare Properties Australia and New Zealand invests exclusively in healthcare property and is the largest healthcare real estate owner, manager and developer in the region.

As a managed investment scheme in Australia, their primary goal was to establish a robust Anti-Money Laundering (AML) / Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) program that not only adhered to local regulations but also provided a seamless and intuitive experience for their team. Recognising the dynamic nature of regulatory changes, they sought a solution that would keep them compliant without the need for extensive in-house resources.


  • Implementing an enterprise-wide ML/TF risk assessment technology-based solution that is aligned to Australian regulations and enriches existing internal processes.
  • Ensuring that the chosen solution is easy to use, requiring minimal effort to integrate into their operations.

The Solution

After evaluating various options, Northwest Australia opted for Arctic Intelligence's AML Accelerate Platform. The decision was influenced by the platforms ease of use, wide-market adoption, compliance with Australian regulations and the level of ongoing support offered.

Here's how the AML Accelerate Platform addressed their objectives:

  • Ease of Use: Following a personalised training session, the team were quickly able to navigate the platform and its intuitive workflow and found the in-application and online help centre helpful, with confidence knowing that support is only a phone call away.
  • Uplift ML/TF Risk Management Capabilities: AML Accelerate is designed by financial crime experts and based on an easy-to-follow workflow that guides users through the process of identifying and assessing money laundering, terrorism financing, targeted financial sanctions and proliferation financing and leveraging the controls library to assess the design and operational effectiveness of their controls.
  • Ongoing Updates: As a time-poor team with minimal resources dedicated to risk and compliance, the simplicity of the AML Accelerate Platform as well as the monthly compliance updates and quarterly country risk updates provided peace of mind of maintaining an effective AML/CTF Program.

The Result

With Arctic Intelligence's multi-award winning AML Accelerate Platform, Northwest Australia successfully completed their ML/TF Risk Assessment in a timely and comprehensive manner, providing demonstrable evidence that their risks and controls have been appropriately considered.

The comprehensive ML/TF risk assessment report clearly articulated the risks and made things easier for the risk and compliance team to explain the risks and controls to the management team and board.

Client Testimonial

"Our AML/CTF program is now not just compliant but also thoroughly evaluated. Arctic Intelligence’s AML Accelerate Platform provided the ease of use we needed, and their solution has become an integral part of our risk and compliance strategy. It's a comprehensive, one-stop-shop that keeps us up to date without overwhelming our team."

Vanessa Flax, Vice‑President, Regional General Counsel