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If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance. Paying for the right tools, systems and resources always pays off!

Veronica Michael

Legal & Compliance Officer, Unity Bank

AML Accelerate is an intuitive platform that takes away much of the ambiguity associated with the development of an effective risk assessment and AML/CTF Program. It is clear that it has been designed by industry experts who have a genuine passion for removing the complexity of compliance.

Greg Hogarth

Head of Compliance APAC, OFX

Following a full compliance review, we selected the Arctic Intelligence AML Accelerate platform to assist us with our AML compliance. We needed an efficient and user-friendly way to keep on top of our in-house procedures, risk assessments and the ever-evolving regulatory responsibilities.

Graham Cade

Chief Executive Officer, Castle Harbour Securities

Risk Management is a priority at Bendix and we understand the first step towards managing risk is having an efficient Risk Assessment program that identifies and assesses inherent risks posed by the environment in which the company operates and the products it deals in. We were on the search for a program that could support us in identifying risks under various categories, points towards risk control mechanisms, and documents the process for regulators. ‘AML Accelerate’ fitted the bill and we are glad we chose it for the purpose. In our opinion, the idea of software assisted Risk Assessment and Documentation is a revolutionary concept brought to fruition by Arctic Intelligence.

Mathew Varghese

Chief Compliance Officer, Bendix Foreign Exchange and Payment Solutions

Arctic Intelligence is a logical, simple to use online resource ran by a team that are always helpful and informative. The resource can assist organisations when developing and reviewing their policies and procedures to address financial crime risks, including money laundering. In turn, organisations can implement operational controls designed to comply with relevant laws and obligations and prevent financial crime activities.

Cameron Pelling

General Manager Risk, TAL

Very impressed with the technology and how easy it was to navigate.  I did not have any prior training with the platform, however it only took a couple of pages to understand how it works.

Charlie Woods

Craigs Investment Partners


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