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Want to become a channel partner?


We have three different partnering models


The Arctic Intelligence Commercial Partner Programme is for organisations that typically operate in the governance, risk and compliance space and have established product and solution offerings, widely adopted by regulated entities and who are looking to expose these capabilities to new sectors in new markets as AML/CFT reforms expand to cover millions of new regulated entities worldwide.

The benefits to Commercial Partners in partnering with Arctic Intelligence include:

  • Exposing their existing capabilities to entirely new market sectors across different geographies
  • Providing direct exposure to their existing capabilities directly from within the Arctic Intelligence platform through backlinks to the Commercial Partner’s website
  • Creating new revenue streams including single and enterprise license sales

The Arctic Intelligence Industry Partner Programme is for industry associations and professional bodies whose members are impacted by AML/CFT reforms and are looking for affordable and accessible solutions to support members meet compliance obligations in a cost effective manner.

The benefits to Industry Partners in partnering with Arctic Intelligence include:

  • Providing members access to a value add solution/service
  • Reducing the compliance burden for their members, including time keeping across changes in AML regulations which are maintained by Arctic Intelligence
  • Increasing the quality, consistency and speed which member can meet regulatory expectations
  • Helps members manage compliance costs providing a tailored and on-demand access to expert support in a cost effective way.

The Arctic Intelligence Practitioner Partner Programme is for large and medium sized AML consulting/advisory firms, as well as, independent AML experts that provide their clients with AML/CFT Risk Assessments and AML/CFT Program Manuals and who are looking to do this in an efficient, affordable and scalable way.

The benefits to Practitioner Partners in partnering with Arctic Intelligence includes:

  • Reducing the time and resources needed to support clients requiring AML/CFT Risk Assessments and Program Manuals
  • Creating new revenue streams including single and enterprise license sales
  • Reducing time keeping across changes in AML regulations which are maintained by Arctic Intelligence
  • Deepening existing client relationships and re-focusing on value-add implementation and other more bespoke consulting services.

Why do business with us?

Arctic Intelligence was founded by financial crime prevention experts that have practical knowledge and experience of the compliance challenges faced by organisations in meeting their obligations.

We have distilled this hard-earned expertise into simple-to-use practical tools to identify, assess, mitigate and manage financial crime risk and monitor the ongoing effectiveness of financial crime programmes.

We are committed to providing organisations of all sizes, across a range of industry sectors, around the globe, with affordable and accessible financial crime risk management and audit software, so our clients can reduce the risks associated with being connected with fraud, money laundering, bribery, corruption, sanctions and tax evasion.


Benefits of working with us

We provide flexible business models for our channel partners to ensure that all sides benefit from the relationship.

The main benefits include:

  • Accessing unique and innovative financial crime software
  • Generate new revenue opportunities
  • Execute assignments more efficiently
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Enhance client loyalty by demonstrating added value
  • Leverage our direct sales and marketing teams.

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