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Want to become a partner?


Looking to partner with?

We’re looking to grow our network of partners who are interested in joining our mission to fight financial crime by providing regulated businesses with the right tools and expert advice to strengthen their defences against financial crime.

We’re looking to expand our partner network across:

  • Sole-practitioners and small boutique risk advisory practices
  • Mid-tier professional services firms with risk advisory practices
  • Larger regional and global professional services risk advisory firms
  • RegTechs specialising in solving financial crime related challenges
  • Technology and data providers we can integrate our solutions with
  • Industry associations with members subject to financial crime laws
  • Other supporters, passionate about preventing financial crime


Typically partner?

We’re flexible in how we partner with different types of businesses but generally our partnership models include:

Teaming Arrangements

If your client is looking for a financial crime risk assessment solution, we’ll work to support you and your clients assess whether our solutions meet their requirements and if so we’ll enter into a “teaming” agreement on an opportunity basis.

Partnering Arrangements

We have a flexible approach to working with partners and have many different types of arrangements, including:

Introducer Partners who make personalised or marketing related introductions to their clients or prospective clients, receiving an introducer fee.  Arctic manages the end-to-end sales process after the initial introduction has been made.

Reseller Partners typically fall into two categories:

  • Co-Sell Partners who often jointly engage in marketing and sales activities (often with dedicated sales and marketing teams), introducing our solutions to an established client base.
  • Consultants who support introducer or reseller arrangements often arising from risk assessment advisory projects, where they introduce and recommend our solutions to their clients.

In both cases, Reseller Partners typically support the end-to-end sales process, such as arranging demos, coordinating feedback, answering questions, supporting proposals, vendor due diligence, contract negotiations receiving a reseller commission.

Consulting Partners

Consulting Partners pay us a Project Use fee to use our solutions, irrespective of whether their client licences our solutions. Under this scenario, clients are typically not provided with access to our solutions, only the outputs. Where a client subsequently licences our solutions they’ll receive either an introducer fee or reseller commission, depending on the extent of their involvement in the end-to-end sales process, which typically far exceeds project use fees paid to us.

Content Partners

Content Partners are either contracted to produce content for us or develop content independently, with the content partner receiving a royalty fee on any content modules licensed.

If you’d like to learn more about our different partnership models please book in a discovery call today.


Partner with us?

At Arctic Intelligence we’re passionate about preventing financial crime and we love working with like minded individuals who share our passion and are also on a mission to make a difference.

Our team has distilled decades of hard-fought knowledge and experience into our multi-award-winning platforms and every single day we’re working hard to deliver the best solutions, content and support we can.

We’re innovative, open-minded and like a challenge. We don’t do one-size fits all, so if you have a different way you like to partner then please let us know as we’re all ears.

What are the benefits of working with us?

Our partners realise different benefits when working with us, including:

  • Getting access to financial crime risk assessment technologies without having to spend millions on product and content development
  • Constantly evolving and improving solution enhancements driven by global client and partner feedback
  • Delivering risk assessment engagements more efficiently and effectively than traditional manual-based approaches
  • Build a recurring revenue stream, unavailable to most consultants
  • Offering your clients something your competitors don’t, giving you a distinctive edge in the marketplace
  • Improve client loyalty and reduce client churn by offering exceptional value for money and delivering high-quality outcomes
  • Offering Industry Association members discounts, reducing costs, whilst improving risk management controls and regulatory compliance.

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