• Take a look at the heart of the AML/CFT Health Check

    The main assessment screen is at the core of the AML/CFT Health Check and is where the main compliance assessment is performed.

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Main AML/CFT Health Check Assessment Screen

The main assessment screen is at the heart of the AML/CFT Health Check and is the primary place where the status of the AML/CFT compliance program is assessed against each compliance obligation.

The main AML/CFT Health Check Assessment Screen is used for:

  • Navigating around AML/CFT obligations
  • Quick links to other AML/CFT Health Check features
  • Assessing the compliance rating against regulatory obligations
  • Soliciting responses from specific users
  • Adding or linking items (actions, issues and risks)
  • Adding attachments as supporting evidence
  • Adding control tests
  • Adding in auditor notes or management responses

The second half of the main assessment screen contains the following sections:

  • Risk Assessment – this field allows the reviewer to assess the level of risk materiality resulting from non-compliance and for describing the risks either from a pre-defined list or specified manually
  • Control Activities – this field is for adding control tests from the 200+ control test library (and is covered off in another section)
  • Compliance Rating – this field is for the reviewer to add their assessment on the state of compliance with the specific obligation based on their observations, desk review, interviews or control test execution.  These can be configured within settings
  • Comments – this field is for the reviewer to add their review finding comments, all of which are date and time stamped for a full audit trail
  • Management Responses – this field is for the organisation being reviewed to put their management responses alongside reviewer comments.  Responses can be directed to any system user, from the dropdown provided
  • Item – this field is for adding pre-existing items (actions, issues or risks) or creating these from scratch (which is covered off in another section)
  • Attachments – this field is for evidencing the compliance rating by providing documentation to support the findings
  • Priority – this field is for defining the importance of the obligation in terms of taking any addressable action to close compliance gaps.

In addition, the navigation bar allows users to jump around the AML/CFT obligations by filtering these by Group (i.e. chapter) and Category (i.e. sub-chapter).

The following buttons on the application are for:

  • Reference Documents – users with company administration permissions can upload reference documents that will then be visible to all users within the company account
  • Recent Activities – this tracks all changes that occur within the system, such as compliance rating changes and provides a full audit history of all activities performed in the system
  • Create Draft Report – this button should be used when creating draft AML/CFT Health Check reports.  It is recommended that this is used and only when the user is ready to create and publish the final version that the Finalise Health Check button is selected as this will commit the changes into the report and data analyser, and as such cannot be undone
  • Finalise Health Check – this button should be used when the user wants to finalise the AML/CFT Health Check report and publish the findings as a final artefact of the independent review that has been completed.


  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.