• Configure the AML/CFT Health Check to suit your requirements

    The AML/CFT Health Check was designed to be flexible and can be configured in the following ways to suit the needs of your organisation.

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Configuration Settings

Account Management


The Account Management settings allows users with Company Administrator permissions to invite end-users within their organisation to start using the AML/CFT Health Check based on the number of available user licenses.

To invite end-users to access the AML/CFT Health Check Company Administrators enter the email address of the intended end-user and they will automatically receive a registration email.  Company Administrators can use this feature to revoke and/or re-allocated licenses.


The Account Management feature displays a copy of any invoices associated with your account that have been paid.

Copies of invoices can be emailed, downloaded to PDF or printed.

Audit Checklist Management

The Audit Checklist Management feature allows permissible users to create baseline templates for the Audit Checklists that appear within the New Health Check application flow.

For example, an AML consultant using the AML/CFT Health Check Platform might be performing different types of review depending on the country, industry sector or size of their client and may wish to tailor different audit checklist templates based on the specific requirements of each particular independent review type, which can further be tailored on a case-by-case basis.

Branding Management

The Branding Management feature allows organisations to brand the AML/CFT Health Check outputs, such as PDF reports.

This feature is typically used by AML/CFT auditors who can easily add their logo, as well as, their client’s logo which personalises the AML/CFT Health Check outputs. The logos which are uploaded here appear in the footer of all AML/CFT Health Check outputs.

Compliance Rating Management

Use the default compliance rating scale or customise this to suit your organisation’s requirements

This feature has been designed to allow organisations to either use the default compliance rating status values and descriptions or universally change these to different values, which are then reflected throughout the AML/CFT Health Check.

This parameter is a ‘global’ setting and if selected must be standardised for all AML/CFT Health Checks created.

Dropdown Configuration Management

Control any dropdown values within the AML/CFT Health Check and tailor to suit your organisation’s requirements

This feature has been designed to allow organisation’s to modify the dropdown values in various fields that are used across the AML/CFT Health Check Platform.

Notification Management

Setup email notifications every time a requested document is uploaded into the audit checklist

This feature is set in the audit checklist page and enables or disables email notifications of documents being uploaded to the audit checklist page.

Setup customises rules to receive email alert notifications

This feature allows users to establish different email reminders rules, for items that have become overdue by various ages and/or for items that will be falling due with a specified future date range.

Once the email reminder rules have been set and email addresses added emails will automatically be scheduled based on the users selection, which will provide a concise summary of the items and allow the user to click the Item ID link in the email to log into the AML/CFT Health Check to action the open item.

Schedule automated reports

This feature allows different users to request AML/CFT Health Check reports to be scheduled to be delivered as a summary directly to your mailbox at different intervals – daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly.

Using this feature allows users (or management) to keep across the open items without necessary having to log into the AML/CFT Health Check Tool.

Organisational Hierarchy Management

Configure item management to the structure of your organisation

This feature is a ‘global’ parameter setting that allows a company to define the organisation structure in terms of Groups, Divisions and Teams, which allows for items (issues, actions and risks) to be appropriately assigned and displayed in the Operational Dashboards.

Typically, this is decided at the time of deployment but we understand that organisation structures do not stand still for too long, so we designed this feature to allow the AML/CFT Health Check Tool to align to any changes.

The AML/CFT Health Check contains the ability to bulk re-assign items (issues, actions and risks) into any new organisation hierarchy that is created.

Reference Document Management

This feature allows relevant guidance documents and website links to be published in the AML/CFT Health Check, which is accessible to all users.

In addition, organisations can add any add files and/or links to the Reference Document Library, for example, policies, procedures and any other internal guidance which is viewable only to authorised users of the organisation.

Report Display Configuration Management

This feature allows an organisation or an individual user to define the default settings for the level of information that should be rendered into the AML/CFT Health Check report, which can be changed at any time on-the-fly!

Security Management

Define the features that should be enabled or disabled for a particular role

The application role management feature allows users with the appropriate permissions to be able to define the functionality within the AML/CFT Health Check that should be enabled or disabled based on the role definition.

This feature allows an unlimited number of roles to be defined and allows the permissions to be enabled and disabled with the click of a button ensuring that only users with the correct permissions can make changes within the application.

Assign specific role(s) to individual system users

The user security management feature allows users with the appropriate permissions to be able assign a role (or several roles) to an individual user, which will have the access rights to the features within the AML/CFT Health Check which correspond to the role definitions that have been defined in the application role management.


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