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AML Risk Management

Build enterprise-wide ML/TF risk assessments in 6 easy steps

AML Risk Management - AML Accelerate

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What is AML Accelerate?

Your Smart AML/CTF Risk Assessment Solution

AML Accelerate is a cloud-based risk assessment solution for evaluating money laundering and terrorism financing risks. Designed by AML experts and tailored to over 30 financial and non-financial sectors and 60+ countries, our platform was built to help small and medium-sized businesses in over 200 countries comply with AML/CTF laws.

Simplify Compliance with AML Accelerate

Every business must implement a methodology to identify and assess their businesses vulnerabilities to ML/TF risks and then develop an appropriate and proportionate control framework to mitigate and manage these risks, which is a challenge for many.

AML Accelerate guides businesses towards compliance by streamlining risk assessment, policy development, and action tracking. Our user-friendly platform helps businesses identify vulnerabilities and create effective control frameworks to mitigate risks.

Compliance. The Smart Way.

Experience the power of AML Accelerate in navigating AML/CTF laws effortlessly.  Join us today and take control of your AML/CTF obligations.

Money laundering and terrorism financing risk assesments in 6 easy steps


Step 1

Enter basic information about your business such as the nature, size and complexity of your business.


Step 2

Be guided through a 6-part Ml/TF risk assessment tailored to your industry. It covers environmental, customer, business, channel, product and service, channel, and geographic risk.


Step 3

Once your risk assessment is complete, design a program to mitigate risks. Your AML program document is tailored to meet your local AML requirements and is specific to 60+ countries.


Step 4

Document your approach to CDD collection and verification. Standards are tailored to meet your country’s requirements.


Step 5

Review, edit, and publish your risk assessment. The output is in PDF format – ready to demonstrate compliance to your Board and Regulators.


Step 6

Operationalise and track the adoption of your AML Program and Policy. Document and address actions, issues, or events, using AML Accelerate’s compliance calendar. Plus receive alerts about regulatory changes.

How AML Accelerate assists with AML Risk Management

Streamline ML/TF Risk Assessments with step-by-step guidance

With AML Accelerate, generating an ML/TF Risk Assessment Report is simple. Just provide some basic information about your business, such as its nature, size, and complexity, and let AML Accelerate guide you through a comprehensive step-by-step ML/TF risk assessment process.

Stay compliant with up-to-date AML/CTF Programs and Policies

In addition to risk assessment capabilities, AML Accelerate offers a range of AML/CTF Programs/Policies and Customer Due Diligence Standards. These resources are meticulously tailored to the AML/CTF laws of various countries and are regularly maintained to keep your AML/CTF Program up-to-date with the latest developments.

Experience the Power of AML Accelerate Today

Simplify your ML/TF risk assessment process and ensure compliance with AML Accelerate. Generate accurate ML/TF Risk Assessment Reports, develop comprehensive AML/CTF Programs, and stay up-to-date with continuously changing regulations. Start your journey towards effortless AML/CTF compliance today.

Prepare and protect your organisation with our expert-designed guided process

AML Accelerate’s ML/TF risk assessment methodology is built by AML industry experts based on the following key risk categories:

Environmental Risk

This category encompasses the risks arising from both the external and internal environments of your business. It covers predicate offences, money laundering, terrorist financing, targeted financial sanctions, regulatory compliance, and proliferation financing.

Customer Risk

The risk that your customers may be involved in illicit activities or utilise your products for money laundering or terrorism financing. This category takes into account customer types, politically exposed persons, location, and the nature of their business or occupation.

Business Risk

Assess the risks associated with your business operations. This includes evaluating business location risks, outsourcing of critical ML/TF controls, and potential employee risks.

Channel Risk

This category focuses on the risks associated with how your customers access or purchase your products and services. It covers both face-to-face and non-face-to-face channels, as well as the involvement of third-party intermediaries in customer interactions.

Product/Service Risk

Evaluate the risks associated with specific attributes of your products and services that may make them vulnerable to money laundering activities. With a comprehensive range of over 250 products and services tailored by industry sector, we ensure that your offerings are thoroughly analysed.

Country Risk

This category considers the risks associated with certain countries. Factors such as sanctions, embargoes, inadequate ML/TF controls, support for terrorist financing, corruption levels, tax havens, and involvement in drug production or trans-shipment are evaluated. We help you identify your business's exposure to specific countries.

With AML Accelerate, gain a comprehensive understanding of your ML/TF risks and make informed decisions to safeguard your business against financial crime and regulatory non-compliance.

Industries we support

AML Accelerate has been tailored to the ML/TF risks prevalent in various sectors, including financial services, gaming, gatekeeper professions, and high-value goods dealers.

Countries we serve

AML Accelerate has been tailored to the AML/CTF laws of over 60 countries, with many more in development.

Global Reach

At AML Accelerate, we understand the importance of catering to the specific AML/CTF laws of different countries. That's why our platform has been meticulously tailored to align with the regulatory frameworks of all jurisdictions shown in the below map. The map also shows areas for which we are currently developing content.

With AML Accelerate, you can confidently navigate the compliance landscape in your country of operation. Join our growing list of satisfied clients who benefit from our comprehensive solutions, designed to meet the unique requirements of multiple jurisdictions.

Experience the ease and effectiveness of AML compliance with AML Accelerate across borders.

  • The risk assessment is suitable for over 30 industry sectors

  • AML program template based on country-specific AML laws

  • Full audit trail across the entire AML risk management process

  • Breach and incident reporting supports day-to-day operations

  • Action and issue tracking helps manage improvements

  • Ongoing regular notifications of AML regulatory changes

  • Enterprise level risk analytics across your organisation

  • Fully hosted in a secure cloud and supported by AML experts

Key features

To help you manage your business-wide money laundering and terrorism financing risk assessment obligations


Why choose

AML Accelerate

  • Meet mandatory regulatory compliance requirements
  • Saves time and money, reducing compliance costs
  • Easily demonstrate compliance to regulators
  • Provides peace of mind to your Board of Directors
  • Keep your compliance program up-to-date as things change
  • Join our community and have your say on enhancements


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