• We are experts in anti-money laundering laws so you don’t have to be

    We specialise in financial crime prevention and have deep domain expertise in this space. This hard-fought experience has allowed us to create an expertly designed AML Program Manual, to meet your AML compliance obligations in a quick, easy and affordable way.

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What is the AML Program Manual?


Problem Statement


How we solve it


Solution Video

How it works – get started in 4 easy steps

Complete Registration

Simply register for an account, accept the terms of use and pay securely online using PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or AMEX. 

Complete Questionnaire

Select the country and industry and answer the questionnaire which includes an expertly designed money laundering and terrorism financing risk assessment, which will produce an ML/TF risk score based on your answers.

AML Program Manual Created

Based on the questionnaire responses, an AML Program Manual will be automatically created, specifically tailored to your organisation’s ML/TF risk profile and will be rendered online for your review.

Edit and Publish Manual

The AML Program Manual can be edited (if required) and sections may also be re-ordered to suit your requirements and then once completed can be published into MS Word and PDF and stored in the audit history in one click!

Deployment Options

Shared Cloud

The AML Program Manual has been designed to be used and securely stored in the cloud using our preferred cloud-solution provider, Microsoft Azure, which is trusted by 57% of Fortune 500 companies.

Microsoft has the highest standards of security, privacy, transparency and compliance to ensure your data is securely hosted in an in-country data centre, which can dramatically reduce your ongoing support costs in terms of staffing, hardware and software acquisition, ongoing maintenance and power consumption.

Private Cloud

Private clouds deployments of the AML Program Manual are only available to our channel partners, who can white-label the platform for use by their clients and can be deployed off-premise as a ‘software-as-a-service’ (SaaS) offering which can be deployed to any private cloud hosting provider of your choice, for example, Amazon Web Services, IBM Softlayer

Private cloud hosting could provide peace-of-mind that trusted cloud-providers that your organisation may already be using to host other software applications, can be extended to new software applications.


On-premise deployments of the AML Program Manual are only available to our channel partners, who can white-label the platform for use by their clients.  In this case, the AML Program Manual can be installed and run on your organisation’s hardware, behind your own firewall and fully supported by your own organisation’s IT support staff which provides control over how the software is used and maintained and provides peace of mind to organisation’s who may not entrust compliance data hosted outside their premises.

Our IT team can provide support to your organisation’s own IT staff to help get you up and running.

In the media

Our subject matter experts are recognised as thought leaders in financial crime prevention and are regularly featured in leading GRC publications showcasing our knowledge and experience. We often present at conferences and have done our share of webinars too!