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Our story so far…

Arctic Intelligence was founded in 2013 to tackle an escalating problem with financial crime losses.

Our founders spent nearly 20 years working with some of the world’s largest consulting firms, investment and retail banks and understand the challenges that these organisations face in managing these risks.

Organisations struggle with directing their resources to the correct issues for maximum affect and sometimes do not have access to world class expertise or it is prohibitively expensive. Some of these companies are subject to financial crime legislation and can incur large fines for non compliance.

Our vision is to be global leaders and raise the bar in business through leading-edge technology which offers effective management of audit, risk and compliance, saving businesses time and money.

Security and confidentiality are paramount and our solutions provide a full audit of risk exposures to ensure the veracity of your compliance programs.

Our promise is that our dedicated team of professionals will deliver innovative, world-class financial crime prevention solutions, that will be made accessible to all organisations at affordable prices.

FCS invited to join Stone & Chalk’s high-growth accelerator programme

In late 2015, Arctic Intelligence relocated to the Stone & Chalk offices after being accepted into this prestigious FinTech hub focussed on providing high-growth digitally disruptive financial technology businesses with priority access to their extensive corporate partner network which includes some of the world’s most successful companies.

Stone & Chalk’s corporate partners have selected 60 high-growth businesses to partner with after receiving thousands of applications to join this much sought after high-growth accelerator programme. Learn more…

Arctic Intelligence helps organisations of all sizes, sectors and geographic locations in managing financial crime risk exposures


We help organisations raise the bar in business through our proprietary technology platforms that enable companies to better manage audit, risk and compliance.  We drive greater transparency and accountability across organisations.


We believe that all organisations should have access to affordable advice and technology which will keep them in line with regulations and in compliance with laws and rules, reducing financial crime risk exposures.


We care passionately about preventing financial crime and are committed to working with industry, regulators, professional services and regulatory technology companies to reduce the negative effects of financial crime on our world.

Anthony Quinn, CEO & Founder

After 20 years of risk management advisory experience we have developed a world-class suite of compliance assurance and risk assessment platforms with the goal of making these accessible and affordable to all regulated entities, regardless of their size, industry sector or geographic location.

Why choose to work with us?

We truly understand the issues that organisations face in trying to balance business growth objectives whilst operating in an increasingly regulated global environment, where the costs of compliance are high, but the consequences of non-compliance are higher.


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