AML Accelerate is an Arctic Intelligence venture

What is AML Accelerate?

With the increase in compliance requirements worldwide by governments and regulators, organisations need to ensure that they have the right strategies and practices in place to be future-ready. Until now, access to the right expertise has been costly, in short supply and outside the reach of most. A typical AML/CFT program takes time to implement, which is why AML Accelerate has been designed by experts to quickly guide you to compliance.

AML Accelerate has made it their mission to create a platform which helps organisations accelerate their compliance efforts. The AML/CFT Program Manual was created with assistance from industry professionals, combining years of knowledge and practical experience into an easy to use platform tailored to your organisation size, sector and jurisdiction. It follows a structured approach to assessing Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing risk based on established frameworks and methodologies.

Why choose AML Accelerate?

Our program is designed by experts, so you don’t need to be one! AML Accelerate will quickly guide you to compliance, and help your team effectively and efficiently implement your AML Program and reduce your organisation’s risks.

In addition, AML Accelerate offers the benefits of:

  • Only guided risk assessment and automated program manual for anti-money laundering currently on the market
  • Low annual license fees
  • Ready to use AML Program
  • Tailored to over 30 financial and non-financial industry sectors
  • Tailored to AML/CFT regulations in each jurisdiction
  • 24 x 7 technical support and help centre
  • Guidance at every step saving you time and money spent on research and advice
  • Update notifications on regulatory changes