GRC Solutions and Arctic Intelligence AML/CTF Webinar – 03 Apr 2019

The webinar will cover a number of topics including navigating the risk factor matrix; recent trends; and the benefits of automated systems.


03 Apr 2019


Anti-money laundering risk assessments represent the core foundation of your AML Program and it is critical to understand how to identify and assess, money laundering risks and implement policies and procedures that are appropriate and proportionate to the risks that your business might reasonably face.

In a constantly changing environment, it is important to understand how your money laundering risk assessment should become an embedded part of your financial crime risk management framework and protect your business against the threat of being exploited by organised crime.

In this webinar you’ll learn the following:
● The importance of risk assessments in managing financial crime risk exposures
● The key risk factors to consider when assessing money laundering risks
● How to implement appropriate and proportionate controls to mitigate and manage risks
● The triggers for re-assessing money laundering risks
● The benefits of using an automated solution to protect your business and meet your regulatory obligations