• The AML/CFT Risk Assessment is highly configurable and can be tailored to suit your requirements.

    Users can easily manage users, user access controls, invoicing, branding, automated email notification rules, automated report scheduling, organisation hierarchy management and much more.

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General Settings

The world’s first software-as-a-service (SaaS) Money Laundering Risk Assessment Tool

The Money Laundering Risk Assessment Tool makes it easy to identify, assess, mitigate and manage AML/CFT risks

  • Manage users

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  • Manage user access controls

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  • Manage Payments

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  • Add customised branding to the AML/CFT Reports

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  • Setup email notification rules

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  • Automated Report Scheduling

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  • Manage Organisational Hierarchies

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  • Manage Reference Documents

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User Account Management

The User Account Management feature within the Account Management screen allows Company Administrators to manage end-users associated with their accounts, for example, inviting new users to access the AML/CFT Risk Assessment, changing user permissions or managing payments etc.

User Access Controls

The User Access Controls feature within the Account Management screen allows Company Administrators to define the rights and permissions which determines the exact level of access that each user has permissions to view within the AML/CFT Risk Assessment.

Invoices and Billing

The Payments feature within the Account Management screen allows Company Administrators to track and manage invoices that are associated with their account.  Copies of invoices can be downloaded, printed or shared at the click of a button.

Branding Management

The Branding Management feature allows the AML/CFT Risk Assessment platform to be branded by the end user in a number of places including the logo that appears in the header of the application, as well as, the two logos that appear on the left and right of the operational dashboards, breach and incident dashboards and AML/CFT Risk Assessment reports.

Automated Email Reminder Rules

The Email Notification Management feature allows Company Administrators to define email notification rules which alert the named users at the defined frequencies whenever an item is either falling due or overdue via email.

This feature is typically used to highlight overdue items, with different level of escalation rules set to raise the profile of overdue items depending on the number of days passed the target end date.

Automated Report Scheduling

The Automated Scheduled Reporting feature allows Company Administrator users to be able to define the frequency at which certain end users would like to receive email notification reports.

Organisation Hierarchy Management

The Organisation Hierarchy feature allows Company Administrators to setup the Groups, Divisions and Team hierarchies based on their organisational structure, which creates the framework for being able to assign actions, issues and risks, which are then displayed in these groupings within the real-time Operational Dashboards.

Reference Document Management

The Reference Document Management feature allows Company Administrators to attach links to documents or websites that are then visible to all end users.

This feature is typically used to provide relevant reference materials, such as guidance to employees, for example, standards for conducting Risk Assessments or other relevant materials.

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