[tagline_box link=”http://www.labgroup.com.au/” button=”Visit Website” title=”To find out more about the LABform™ Solutions” description=”visit www.labgroup.com.au”][/tagline_box] [title size=”2″]Overview[/title] LABform™ streamlines all aspects of customer acquisition, from expression of interest to account opening through a simple three-step process.

[title size=”2″]Acquisition[/title]
After visiting your website, customers apply for products or services via your branded version of LABform™. Your staff can also use our Application Manager portal to start and process applications on a customer’s behalf. Our user friendly, multi-lingual forms support all application types including complex applications for self-managed super funds and provide an innovative digital signature process to further streamline the acquisition process. Find out more…

[title size=”2″]Verification[/title]
Once the online application form is completed, an electronic identity verification is performed on all entities. This verifies individuals, sole traders, companies and self-managed super funds. The identity verification check is automatic, completes within seconds and if successful eliminates the need for certified identification documents. Find out more…

[title size=”2″]Management[/title]
Not only does LABform™ assist with acquiring new business and performing identity verification, it can also help you manage your clients and administer applications. Follow up leads, manage work flows and monitor the progress of applications from beginning to end. Find out more…

[title size=”2″]Advantages of LABform™[/title]

The advantages of LABform™ include:

  • Boost your business – By simplifying your application process, prospective customers are more likely to become new clients. And thanks to the simplicity of our online application forms, you will find that a higher percentage of customers complete the application process.
  • Cut costs – LABform™ will save your business money. Switching to an online application process with electronic verification drastically reduces time wasted in chasing identification documents and other paperwork allowing your staff to work more efficiently with readily available data. This minimises administration costs, which will improve your company’s bottom line.
  • Know Your Customer – Using LABform™ is the simplest way to efficiently satisfy Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations. We work closely with you during the setup process to ensure that all your requirements are covered. We are able to implement specialised sections such as settlement options, risk profiling, client suitability screening, bank account details and more.
  • Satisfy Risk and Compliance – Since the introduction of the Australian AML/ CTF Act (Anti-Money Laundering and Counter- Terrorism Financing Act 2006) and similar legislations around the world, implementing a compliant customer acquisition and identification process has become increasingly time consuming and costly
  • Eliminate Paper-Forms – LABform™ is an electronic registration system – no paper, no lost forms, no problems. By cutting out the need for paper forms, you will increase your operational capacity and reduce the time it takes to approve customer applications. Where Adobe PDF forms are required, LABform™ populates and distributes these automatically.
  • White label for Partners – Your organisation’s implementation of LABform™ can be branded to roll out online applications to other parties such as introducers, affiliates, authorised representatives and other partners. This extends the administration capabilities of your organisation, drawing in other business to your services and opens up countless acquisition channels whilst maintaining overall control of the process.
  • Electronic Verification – LAB provides seamless electronic identity verification technology that is fast and accurate. Our identity verification process covers countries including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China, Japan, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. LAB identity verification technology can also check for the existence of Company Directors, Trustees, Beneficiaries, Authorised Persons, Companies, Sole Traders and Self-managed super funds.

[title size=”2″]LABform™ concept[/title]

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