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Audit Checklist Template Management

  • Manage Audit Checklist Templates

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  • Create New Audit Checklist

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  • Customise the Audit Checklist to suit your requirements

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Audit Checklist History

The Audit Checklist History stores all customised templates which are used by risk assessors to request documentary evidence from end users to support the AML/CFT Health Check process.

Create Audit Checklist from Template

Creating a new Audit Checklist is quick and easy.  This can be created in one of 3 ways:

  1. From a previous version of the Audit Checklist
  2. From the default Audit Checklist template
  3. From a Blank Document

The default Audit Checklist template is a pre-defined list of suggested documents that could be requested to support the AML/CFT Health Check process.

Create / Modify Audit Checklist Template

This page is used to add sections and underlying supporting document requests into the Audit Checklist.

Adding, modifying or deleting Sections, Sub-Sections or Audit Checklist items is quick and easy.

Re-order Audit Checklist Item

This feature allows the Audit Checklist ordering to be changed and saved, which will determine the sequence order that is displayed to the end user when directed to the Audit Checklist page during the AML/CFT Health Check.

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