The world’s first software-as-a-service (SaaS) IT Risk Assessment Tool

The Information Technology Risk Assessment Tool makes it easy to identify, assess, mitigate and manage IT risks

Designed by SMEs

Designed by subject matter experts with years of knowledge and experience running IT programs and leverages industry best practices and expert guidance from leading IT security risk practitioners, government bodies and other organisations at the forefront of fraud prevention.

Content Rich

Contains over 650 out-of-the-box risk factors and structured across all major elements of an IT risk management program.  We have designed a comprehensive risk assessment structure so that the tool can be used without having to be an IT expert (but using alongside expert IT knowledge does help!).

Easy to Configure

Over 650+ risk factors across different risk dimensions that can be easily enabled or disabled, with the ability to add or edit questions, change weightings and scores at a question or dimension level. Risk factors have different levels of importance and are easily configured.

Add Commentary

Easily add commentary to explain the context behind the assessment. Document the rationale behind configuration decisions and attaching supporting documentary evidence to provide transparency of the organisation’s practices and procedures.

Audit History

The Information Technology Risk Assessment Tool generates a PDF report on completion of the review to provide a ‘snapshot’ of the inherent and residual risks at any given point in time.  Compare progress over time and identify points of vulnerability.


The Information Technology Risk Assessment Tool can be used by external consultants or internal staff to perform independent IT risk assessments. Assess compliance gaps and manage risks and issues before they become problematic.


The Information Technology Risk Assessment Tool is offered as a software-as-a-service cloud based application – access from anywhere at anytime from any device.  We use a trusted PCI compliant Tier One data centre with outstanding physical and virtual security to host our solutions.


The Information Technology Risk Assessment Tool can also be deployed behind your own organisation’s firewall.  This deployment option is only available to Platinum clients and is subject to an additional premium for maintenance and support.

Country Risk

The Information Technology Risk Assessment Tool comes with an in-built country risk assessment that assesses the country risks of over 260 countries across 25+ country risk factors and is based on another of our solutions – Country Risk Assessment

Excellent Support

We truly care about our clients and our products. We strive to deliver the best customer support experience. We have integrated Freshdesk into all of our products which is a state-of-the-art ticketing system so we are always on hand to help. We listen to our clients to build out our roadmap.

Value for Money

We offer a tiered pricing model designed to make our products accessible to both small and large organisations. Much cheaper than hiring expensive consultants to design, build and implement an IT risk assessment framework.

Peace of Mind

Provides an in-depth understanding on the IT risks that the organisation faces and provides Board and Senior Executives with the comfort that the risks have been identified and mitigating controls have been deployed.

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