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    Assessing your organisation’s compliance against the ISO37001: Anti-bribery management system is easy using the Anti-Bribery Health Check.

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The world’s first dedicated online Anti-Bribery compliance assurance monitoring solution

Track compliance against obligations, manage actions, issues and risks and obtain big data analytic insights on compliance data!

Getting started with a new Anti-Bribery Health Check

Click New Health Check

Starting a new Anti-Bribery Health Check is very easy.

Either click the New Health Check menu item or the New Health Check button on the Anti-Bribery Health Check – Audit History page and you will be up and running straight away!

Add Context Information

Name the AML/CFT Health Check, select the country (which will load the relevant AML/CFT compliance template based on that countries obligations), set a default owner for items (issues, actions and risks) and select the industry sector.

Next provide the details of the person performing the AML/CFT Health Check including their name, company name, position/title, and contact details, as well as, the period for which the AML/CFT Health Check applies, then hit the Next button.

Additional Information

This screen allows users to provide further context behind the Anti-Bribery Health Check for example:

  • General comments – for example a description of the process for maintaining / re-performing the Health Check
  • Business information – nature, size and complexity of business (e.g. products, jurisdictions, number of employees, specific laws etc.)
  • Products and service information – key lines of business considered during the Health Check (these can also be uploaded)
  • Next Anti-Bribery Health Check review date – the date when the Anti-Bribery Health Check will be repeated (e.g. annually or more frequently).

The content of this screen end up in the final Anti-Bribery Health Check Report, but is optional and can be skipped, taking the user to the Audit Checklist screen.

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