Frequently Asked Questions

What is ezyKYC?

ezyKYC provides an online forms management, sharing and long-term archiving solution for individuals and business.

This means you can store your important documents and application forms online, share these documents with others, and also complete PDF forms online without the need to download, complete, scan and return to sender.

Never lose or misplace an important document, application form or legal agreement again! Access your forms online, wherever you are! Complete forms sent to you by 3rd parties instantly and securely online, while retaining a copy for your future reference.

ezyKYC works on most internet browsers, mobile phones and tablets – and for most users, using ezyKYC is completely free! Companies can now share and distribute application forms to their customers without requiring them to pay for the service. Allow customers to complete application forms online, in their language, and sign it online without the need to download, scan, complete and re-send!

Store important forms in ezyKYC by simply forwarding an e-mail attachment to [email protected] and we’ll place it securely into your personal folder – automatically!

What types of forms can be stored in ezyKYC?

ezyKYC supports Adobe PDF, JPG, PNG, DOC & DOCX files. All files are automatically converted to PDF when uploaded. Additionally, audio and video memos can be attached to all uploaded forms. For business users, ezyKYC further supports mass document distribution via our offline CSV batch processing facility.

Is there any size limitations on the forms I can upload?

When using the browser interface the current size limit is 20MB, and for email attachments the limit is 10MB.

Can we use the public library for internal-use only forms?

Business Account holders can upload internal-use only forms into the Public Library by marking the form as non-public during the upload process. This will ensure that the form can only be accessed by users assigned to this particular business account and not the general public.

Is there a limit on the number of users linked to a business account?

There is no fixed limit; However, in some cases multiple business accounts can be created to simplify the segregation of individual divisions or business units, and allocate each their own administrative dashboard for reporting purposes.

What deployment options are there?

There are two main deployment options:

  • Fully Hosted – we maintain the platform securely in the cloud with Microsoft Azure
  • On-Premise – we assist in deploying ezyKYC on your servers, behind your firewall.

What is fully hosted deployment?

ezyKYC can also be deployed in a local data centre in the cloud using our preferred cloud-solution provider, Microsoft Azure, which is trusted by 57% of Fortune 500 companies.

Microsoft has the highest standards of security, privacy, transparency and compliance to ensure your data is securely hosted in an in-country data centre, which can dramatically reduce your ongoing support costs in terms of staffing, hardware and software acquisition, ongoing maintenance and power consumption.

Save time and money having to buy, maintain and support hardware and software.

What is on-premise deployment?

ezyKYC can be installed and run on your organisation’s hardware, behind your own firewall and fully supported by your own organisation’s IT support staff which provides control over how the software is used and maintained and provides peace of mind to organisation’s who may not entrust compliance data hosted outside their premises.

Our IT team can provide support to your organisation’s own IT staff to help get you up and running.

How secure is ezyKYC?

ezyKYC has been built on state of the art technology from Microsoft including Azure. The only personal information we retain is your sign-up email account. When you purchase storage we redirect you to the PayPal website and we do not store any credit card information anywhere in ezyKYC. Documents you upload are not stored in the same data store as your account information, and can additionally be password-protected using a key that you choose, providing an additional layer of security on top of your sign-in password.

How is ezyKYC priced?

There are several elements to the ezyKYC pricing model, depending on the deployment model:

Fully Hosted

Fully-hosted deployment involves no setup fees, no annual license fees and no long term commitments – you simply pay a fee for the number of forms processed through the ezyKYC remediation platform.


On-premise installation involves a one-off setup fee to deploy ezyKYC to your servers and an annual license fee (with no long term commitments), but your are then free to process as many forms as you need to.

Can we host a branded version of ezyKYC for business use?

Yes. The platform can be installed behind your firewall and licensed on an annual license basis.

Can we link from our website to the ezyKYC site?

Yes. You are free to link to our site, use our integration API, and use our logo.

What happens when i close my account?

When you close your account we remove all your account registration as well as all copies of your forms. If you close your business account, we will retain the documents and user accounts of your users until they choose to close their accounts.

The ezyKYC Remediation Platform is powered by FormsBox (c) 2012-2018.


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