• AML/CFT Health Check - Other Templates

    The AML/CFT Health Check comes with two other templates; one based on the Wolfsberg Principles and the other based on the Financial Action Task Force recommendations

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AML/CFT Health Check – Other Templates

The AML/CFT Health Check comes with two other templates based on the:

Wolfsberg Principles

The Rest of the World template contains a short-form assessment with around 40 questions across the following categories:

  • General AML/CFT Policies, Practices and Procedures
  • Risk Assessment
  • Know Your Customer, Due Diligence and Enhanced Due Diligence
  • Reportable Transactions and Prevention and Detection of Transactions with Illegally Obtained Funds
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • AML Training

This short-form assessment is recommended for any of the 190+ FATF member countries not currently covered by a full AML/CFT Health Check template.

FATF Recommendations

The FATF Recommendations template contains the 40 Money Laundering Recommendations and the IX Special Recommendations on Terrorist Financing and is specifically intended to be used by Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs), to assess compliance against the FATF requirements ahead of Mutual Evaluation reports conducted periodically by FATF.

The main sections of this template includes:

40 Money Laundering Recommendations

  • A – AML/CFT Policies and Coordination
  • B – Money Laundering and Confiscation
  • C – Terrorist Financing and Financing of Proliferation
  • D – Preventative measures
  • E – Transparency and beneficial ownership of legal persons and arrangements
  • F – Powers and responsibilities of competent authorities and other institutional measures
  • G – International cooperation

IX Special Recommendations on Terrorist Financing

  • Ratification and implementation of UN instruments
  • Criminalising the financing of terrorism and associated money laundering
  • Freezing and confiscating terrorist assets
  • Reporting suspicious transactions related to terrorism
  • International Co-operation
  • Alternative Remittance
  • Wire Transfers
  • Non-Profit Organisations
  • Cash Couriers

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