• Retain an audit history for every AML/CFT Health Check ever completed

    The Audit History page keeps track of all draft, finalised and in-progress AML/CFT Health Checks and allows access to static and drilliable reports and associated operational dashboards at any given point in time.

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AML/CFT Health Check – Audit History

The audit history homepage summarises all of the AML/CFT Health Checks that are in-progress or complete and provides a high-level summary of the compliance distribution across regulatory line items within the AML/CFT Health Check.

The top-line shows final AML/CFT Health Checks that have been “snap-shotted” as final PDF reports and earlier drafts can be viewed or hidden by clicking the + or – icons.


The ‘Options’ column on the right hand side of the main panel provides the ability to view the following outputs (from right to left):

  • Audit checklist
  • Business objectives
  • Operational dashboards
  • Health check report (dynamic)
  • Health check report (static PDF)
  • Golden file.

Any final AML/CFT Health Checks that were started but not finished can also be recommenced by clicking the arrow icon.

My Open Items

The panel on the right hand side of the homepage contains a summary of the items (issues, actions and risks) that have been assigned to the logged in user, which can be sorted by item type, item ID and due date (which shows as red if the item is overdue).

Clicking on the item ID reveals the details of the item, where a resolution comment can be added to update the status of the item.

For ease of reference, the item has a ‘tool tip’ which if clicked reveals the full description of the issue and the number of days that the item is overdue.


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